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Rejoice! Trans people soon able to alter gender on birth certificate in VIC!

While the rest of the nation my still have issues with passing legislation on the matter, Victoria has taken a massive step forward in terms of equality with a bill set to pass allowing transgender people to legally identify as their chosen gender on their birth certificate.

Promised back in 2014, the bill that has been championed by VIC premier/all time dude Daniel Andrews, allows changes to a chosen person’s birth certificate in terms of sexual identity. This was only previously offered to those who underwent Sex Reassignment/Affirmation Surgery (or SRS for short.)

This is a positive move as it allows those who either find SRS too expensive or something they choose not to go through (as it is an intensive surgery) to still be allowed to express their true identity. It also allows for children to decide their own gender as well when given consent from parent or legal guardian and medical certificate stating it is in the child’s best interests.

A much needed step towards equality Source

Andrews isn’t the only one supporting the bill. Attorney-General Martin Pakula and Minister for Equality Martin Foley are also happy with the decision, with Foley stating that: “[The Bill] shows once again that in Victoria, equality is not negotiable.”

Leaving the choice up to the person instead of the government is an important change as it takes the decision out of the government’s hands, where it honestly should not have been in the first place. With the rest of the nation still set to follow, let this major legislative change be an indication of good things to come, with Andrews stating himself:

This is more than just a piece of paper to a lot of people. This is about removing legal barriers and making life a lot more convenient and comfortable.” Source

Bravo Victoria, bravo.