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Rejoice! Optus Xtra App Is Here To Solve Your Data Woes

Data amirite? Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

For most twentysomethings, having enough data each month is essential to maintaining both your social and professional lives. Who hasn’t tried upload a swish Insta photo only to realise you’ve run out of data? Or worse – suffered a bout of severe FOMO when you’ve been unable to check Facebook.

Not to worry my fellow data-hungry friends: Optus has heard our cries of despair and come up with a solution. With their new app, Optus Xtra, prepaid Optus customers with an Android handset can earn extra data or credit just by viewing ads.

Optus Xtra : love at first sight. Source

That’s right – you can earn additional data just for doing what you’re probably already doing for free. I mean, imagine if you got something in return for every time you saw an ad on television?

For Optus customers on eligible plans, Optus Xtra can earn you an additional 1GB of data on monthly plans, or an extra $2 in credit on daily plans every 28 days. All for just having a few advertisements displayed on your phone’s lock screen.

As easy as it sounds. Source

What’s better is that you’re not just going to get any old ads – you’ll get content tailored to your interests. Whether you’re a buff in beauty, health, fashion, technology, travel, money, employment or politics, Optus Xtra can provide ads relevant to you. So you might even discover something useful while earning your extra data. Ka-ching!

The Optus Xtra app is available now to download free from the Google Play store. For more information or to find out if you’re eligible visit the Optus website.