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‘Outlander’ Recap: ‘A. Malcolm’

After last week’s hiatus, Outlander is back with A. Malcolm – the reunion episode. Finally Claire and Jamie are back together, something we’ve been waiting all damn season for.

a. malcolm

In the previous episode we saw Claire’s point of view, but in A. Malcolm we see Jamie’s. He leaves Madame Jan’s, goes to work, prints things that could get him hanged, sends Jordie off to do his bidding – and then his long lost love appears. ever since his pal Major Grey got him out of prison, Jamie’s been operating under the pseudonym Alexander Malcolm. You have to wonder though, who is he running from most, himself or the law?

From previous episodes we know that whenever Jamie is in peril and things got too hard, like when he was dying after Culloden, he would see Claire. No wonder he faints! Shock to the system, much?

Their hesitancy to touch each other is strange. They spent the first half of their relationship constantly touching, whether it was a kiss, an inter looped arm. Now Jamie asks if he can kiss Claire?

In an interview with Vulture, Caitriona Balfe says, “It’s very different when you put two people who’ve had each other up on a pedestal for 20 years. There is an initial meeting that is sort of this idea they have of each other, but then what’s really interesting is the reality sets in, and these people have to get to know each other again. It’s not just about one single moment, or it’s not just about these iconic twists. There’s such great things that come out of that, that carry through to the end.”

So, they catch each other up on some things. Claire tells Jamie about Brianna, Jamie tells Claire about Willie. It’s all very heartbreaking because they’re telling each other about kids the other will never meet.

A. Malcolm
Aye, that you are, Brianna. Source.

Jamie remembers he’s supposed to be somewhere, and it’s so adorable how he asks Claire to go with him. The two falling into step like twenty years hasn’t passed.

And that is when the most brilliant thing happens. Claire reunites with Fergus. The last time we saw him, he was just a boy who’d had his hand cut off. I mean, am I the only one who cried? The fact that he’s stuck by Jamie all this time, the fact he’s so damn pleased to see Claire, it warms your heart.

Jamie takes Claire to the brothel where he lives (I’m not even going to ask questions about this because there are so many), he does a shady back door deal and then they eat. Thus begins Jamie’s agonizing over whether Claire is here to stay or whether she’s just there to tell him about Brianna. It also symbolizes the start of the slowest foreplay ever, reminiscent of their wedding night, where they spend the evening learning about each other.

So they engage in marathon sex.

A. Malcolm
Obviously not. Source

It’s interesting, because their dynamic has shifted, yet stayed exactly the same. Both are completely devoted to the other, making single people out there want to be sick.

When Jamie leaves for work the next day, Claire meets Ian, her nephew that Jenny had when Jamie was staying at Lallybrock after Culloden. When he leaves, she’s mets an assailant looking for Jamie’s ledgers.

Claire’s about to pay the price for Jamie’s decisions. Seems like everything is back to normal on Outlander.

A. Malcolm
Well, she wasn’t wrong. Source.

You can catch Outlander on showcase at 7:30pm Monday