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Nintendo Is “Switching” Up Their Game

Nintendo has just revealed a new console called the Nintendo Switch. What is so special about this new console? Well, have you ever been playing at home on your Xbox, then decided hey, I want to take this with me when I go out later, in case I get bored. Usually this would mean whipping out a DS or a PSP, the usual handheld devices. Now there is no need.

Instead, now you attach two fan dangled pieces of a remote onto the central piece of the console, and it switches (eyyy geddit) into a handheld console. You can also (according to their First Look video) continue from exactly where you just were on your TV on the new portable device. This is great news for some kids who now can continue where they were up to when their family has to go out to survive that car trip…

Who am I kidding? I’m getting this. This is really for all us nerdy peeps who want to go out and spend some time outside, but continue playing our favourite console games. This will also be really cool to take around to a get together with friends. The video also showcased the upcoming Mario and Zelda game, as well as the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Looking good there, Nintendo.


The real questions lie with the battery life and multiplayer/online capability. How long is the battery going to hold out when you are playing Skyrim? Are you going to get 1-2 hours out of it? Or is it more a “here, you don’t need to come home for the rest of the day” 8-10 hours? And if I do go out with my friends, will we be able to play together? Or will it be another Dark Souls night with everyone on their own consoles doing their own thing (although in this case with far less screaming).

I guess we’ll have to wait until March 2017 to find out.