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New Ed Sheeran Music to be released Friday

Well, just into the New Year and we already have a reason to love 2017: Ed Sheeran is releasing new music!

That’s right, readers, everyone’s favourite ginger-haired musician is back!  The released a quick nine-second video on his social media pages teasing that some “new music” would be coming out this Friday.

This message comes more than a year since Sheeran’s last post, which announced that he was taking a break from social media to re-invigorate and re-focus himself as a musician and person.

But judging by these reactions, Sheeran’s fans certainly didn’t take a break from him. 

What kind of music awaits us on Friday? What new tunes shall be delivered unto us by the Ginger Music God that is Ed Sheeran? Well, folks, you better stand by your Twitter feeds and music sites, because 2017 is looking awesome already!

Now if you excuse me, I have some Sheeran playlists to dust off…