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New Hoverbike Set To Be World’s First

Once again, science has allowed to us live out our sci-fi dreams with a Russian drone-building startup sharing video of a new prototype hoverbike suspiciously similar to one from a certain famous franchise.

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That’s right, you could soon be riding your very own hoverbike. The creation by Hoversurf, dubbed the Scorpion-3, is a single seat electric quadcopter that could quite possibly the first of its kind. It can be both piloted by a human pilot or remotely as a drone. It also has huge potential in both the transport and shipping world alongside recreational, although you will have to get used to dangling your legs near four rapidly spinning turbines.

The aim for the team behind it is to create a vehicle as easy to use as a bicycle, with a built-in safety system preventing the user from going uncontrollably high or fast. While this may seem a bit too much safeguarding for thrill seekers, Hoversurf have indicated that the vehicle can also be used in extreme sports.

While many prototypes for a similar style bike have been teased over the years, the Scorpion-3 is looking to be the most user friendly and available option to the consumer. With other recent tech, including the EHang 184 destined to be the first airborne taxi service, we are getting closer and closer to the future envisioned by movies like Blade Runner and Back To The Future.

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