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#HAM4BEY: The ‘Hamilton’ and Beyonce Mashup You Needed

The supremacy of Queen Bey is unchallenged. The cultural phenomenon of a musical, Hamilton, is a masterpiece.

So what do you get when you put them together?


Los Angeles artist Michael Korte has treated the world to #HAM4BEY (get it?): Broadway’s Hamilton songs combined with iconic Beyonce tracks. Arranged by Jared Jenkins and created by Michael Korte, the medley is performed by a beautiful range of voices featuring India Carney, Vincint, Mariah Maxwell, Jej Millanes, Kelly Margareth Lee, and Jamond McCoy.

Well, since the election, this is probably it. Source.

This seven minute song absolutely slays, weaving together some of the best tracks including: “Alexander Hamilton,” “Partition,” “My Shot,” “Survivor,” “Helpless,” “Crazy in Love,” “6 Inch,”  “Wait for It,” “Dangerously in Love,”  “Guns and Ships,” “Irreplaceable,” “The Story of Tonight,” “Countdown”, and so many more. Honestly, the combination of Helpless and Crazy In Love got me fanning my face. Also, those harmonies are killer.

So get out your earphones.

Crank up the volume.