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The Last of Us Part II Trailer Dropped and It’s Chilling

At this year’s Playstation Experience, Sony unloaded all the trailers we could want. Aside from the new Uncharted game, it’s the one with Ellie strumming a melancholic song that is getting me excited.

Ellie from The Last of Us Sitting on a Bed Holding a Guitar
The Last of Us Part II Source.

Are you as keen as I am? I have loved Naughty Dog and their games for a long time now – since the original Crash Bandicoot. Now they are giving us a sequel to The Last of Us, a game that has really messed with my heartstrings: The Last of Us Part Two

In the trailer we see an older and bloodied Ellie sitting on a bed, playing an acoustic guitar in a house filled with dead people. From what I can gather, Ellie and Joel are part of some group – perhaps the fireflies – and she wants to kill: “I’m going to find and kill every last one of them,” she says.

This 4 minute trailer is beautiful, setting up a great premise for the next game which looks to be a harrowing and emotional ride. With Ashley Johnson (Ellie’s voice actor) singing us a lovely song throughout the cinematic, it’s safe to say I am unbelievably hyped for this.

No release date has been announced as of yet.