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Most Loveable ‘Like A Versions’

You may have heard of a little radio station called Triple J. And if you’re ever listening to this radio station on a Friday morning, you may have heard of a segment called ‘Like a Version’ in which a band comes into the studio and performs, live on the radio, one of their own songs and a cover. Since this segment began way back in 2005, there have been a few performances that have stood out as equal or better than the original. Here are a few of my favourite Like a Version covers since the segment began.

Tuka – Big Jet Plane
Original artist – Angus and Julia Stone

I heard this when it was covered on Triple J and really liked it, but forgot about it for a while. Then, whilst I was at Secret Garden Festival, Tuka pulled it out of nowhere and I sort of lost my mind. Since then I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. The reworked lyrics seem to speak to me so much. I think it’s a great new anthem for young Australians.

Halsey – Love Yourself
Original artist – Justin Beiber

I think a lot of people are in the same boat with this song. Everyone secretly loved the original, but because it’s by Justin Bieber, no one wanted to admit that they liked it. But once Halsey smashed this cover out of the park, (and improved it in my opinion), we were all allowed to admit that we like it. Love it actually. Get it girl.

Clare Bowditch – My Happiness
Original artist – Powderfinger

The raw simplicity of this cover is what makes it so moving. It’s just Clare Bowditch’s voice, a snare drum and a bit of harmonious backing vocals. It makes me proud when Australian musicians love each other’s work so much they choose to cover it over a bigger international band’s. Bowditch’s voice is so full and yet comforting. One Australian classic, turned into another.

Sarah Blasko – Hey Ya!
Original artist – Outkast

Hey Ya! is arguably the biggest pop song of our generation. The lyrics are quirky and fun, but their true meaning was only revealed to me when I listened to this cover. Sarah Blasko gives this song such a different meaning and her voice is so soothing and magical. I love hearing such a banger of a song in an Australian accent!

The Wombats – Price Tag
Original artist – Jessie J

I love both versions of this song, even though it is just a pop sell out song. I love it because when I hear it, I remember my friends in Vietnam sitting in the park in Ho Chi Minh City with a guitar belting out the lyrics, and actually meaning every word they say. And I would always rather be dancing than making money.

Busby Marou – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Original artist – Cyndi Lauper

I love when a band covers an old classic, rather than a song that is still in the hit list. And the fact that it’s two guys singing about girls having fun out on the town makes it even cooler. Busby Marou is not a band I’ve ever listened to before, but this cover makes me want to download their entire discography.