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Love Actually Photos Reveal Hugh Grant’s Role

Hugh Grant was what made Love Actually great. Naturally, it’s only fitting that he features in the sequel that has everyone on the edge of their seats. The sequel will go for 20 minutes and is being made to raise money for Red Nose Day in Britain. This is a noble cause that a lot of British celebrities get behind, and there’s usually no problem generating interest in it.

What helps keep an eye on what’s happening is behind-the-scenes peeks of the filming, which is exactly what producer Emma Freud is doing. She’s posting photos to Twitter in order to send fans into a frenzy about the sequel (and it’s working).

By posting photos like the one above, it allows fans to see things they wouldn’t normally get a chance to see. Plus, they’re also getting to see the fact that Hugh Grant is actually starring in the sequel and that it’s being made. It’s all happening in this photo.

Freud posted a whole set of photos like this to Twitter, but we’ve chosen the best ones for you here. If you’re interested in the whole feed, feel free to click here and have a look for yourself.

Aw, look at the happy couple.

I’m pretty keen for this sequel to happen. I’m also surprised that Hugh Grant has aged more like wine instead of cheese. Props to him!

hugh grant
Hugh Grant when he realised he aged better than half the cast. Source.