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‘Jasper Jones’ – The Story To Watch

Who is Jasper Jones? There’s nothing better in film than a captivating story with a mystery at the center of it.

The trailer for Jasper Jones has been released and if it’s anything like the novel (of the same name) it’s been based on, then we’ll be in for a compelling and chilling cinematic piece we can’t ignore.

This is a big deal. Especially when the novel, written by Craig Silvey in 2009, has been praised and compared to Harper Lee’s prestigious To Kill A Mockingbird.

There is just something so good about To Kill A Mockingbird Source

Many readers have seen Jasper Jones as one of the most honest look at racial prejudice in Australia. The story focuses on its title character of mixed Aboriginal and Australian race, its Australian protagonist and also includes his Vietnamese friend.

If there’s one book everyone had to read whilst in school it’s To Kill A Mockingbird – and for a reason. It’s a classic that dared to tell a story divulging strong issues, most notably racial inequality and sexual assault.

Jasper Jones shares the honest portrayal of social issues seen in To Kill A Mockingbird, except rather then based on American history, it’s set in a small town in Western Australia.

A still from the film. Source.

The coming-of-age story, set in 1969, centers around 14-year-old protagonist Charlie Bucktin and Jasper Jones, a young boy who’s an outcast because of his mixed Aboriginal and Australian race.

All it takes for their lives to change and for them to undertake a dangerous route, is a dark summer night where Jasper wakes Charlie up and shows him something deep in the forest that leads an entire town to be consumed by one deadly mystery.

This is an Australian book and film that delves into racial prejudice, innocence and secrecy.

The film stars Toni Colette, Hugo Weaving, Levi Miller and Aaron L. McGrath as the title character.

Soon, Jasper Jones will be alongside To Kill A Mockingbird as a book and film everyone will have to read and watch at least once in their lifetime.

Watch the trailer below:

Jasper Jones will be in cinemas March 2, 2017.