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Holiday Hookups: An Etiquette

Travelling can be a wonderful experience. You get to see some amazing places, do things you’ve never had the chance to do, meet some incredible people. And you know what? Sometimes you may even have sex with some of those people. Orgasms for everyone! Well… at least if you’re doing it right.

keeping_track_of_orgasms meme
Ain’t that the truth… Source.

There’s a lot of talk about the Hookup Culture we’re living in. Is it good? Is it destroying our chances of developing loving, long-lasting relationships? Don’t get me wrong, the joy of a monogamous relationship can still be on the table but casual sex definitely has its benefits – of course, only if it’s the path for you. And by god, if it is, there is something very appealing about the idea of being in foreign country, surrounded by locals with sexy accents and finding someone to keep you warm at night in those hostel beds.

Adult sleepover
Boy do I love sleepovers… Source.

But, before you send your sexy self out there, there’s certainly an etiquette to keep in mind during these holiday hookups:

  1. You don’t have to hook up:It seems an odd one to start off with but it’s absolutely true. You may be single (or otherwise free to do what you like), and you may be travelling. But that doesn’t mean you should actively seek out potential hook ups along the way, especially if they’re not your thing. And if they are, respect your standards! If you wouldn’t sleep with them back home, you don’t have to just because you’re on holiday.
  2. Consent is a thing at home and on the go:Being away from home and caught up in the moment does NOT mean it’s cool to bypass the idea of consent. Yes, that moment may be deliciously hot and fun and everything you’ve ever dreamed off, but you know what’s really sexy? Leaning over to the person and whispering, “is it alright if I do <insert action of your choice>?” Nothing beats good old fashioned respect. Don’t be afraid to say no. You’re not “passing up an opportunity”: you’re sticking to your guns if you’re unsure!

    Yup! Makes sense to me. How about you? Source.
    Yup! Makes sense to me. How about you? Source.
  3. Don’t bring home unwanted souvenirs:You know what I’m talking about right? No matter how heated the moment is, safety is always a number one priority. And if your new friend with the heart-melting accent tells you they’re not concerned with contraception or STD-prevention, it’s time to get the hell out of dodge! If you are planning on hooking up, just make sure you are protecting yourself. And if you don’t have anything on hand? Don’t worry, the locals have you covered – perhaps with some interesting themed condoms which you can take advantage of.

    Mmmmmmmm whiskey!
    Mmmmmmmm whiskey! Thank you Scotland.
  4. Bring the passion:Really enjoy yourself! Take advantage of the experience for what it may be – a short, intimate moment with someone who may not see again. You can really bring a lot to this to ensure you’re both having fun and getting the pleasure you want. Pay attention and get in tune with their body and reactions. Use your voice! Talk about your want, will and won’t ideas so  that the next morning, you’re left going, ‘Hot damn, that was a good night!’

    may i have some more
  5. Saying goodbye:
    The time has come to part ways and how that happens is entirely up to you. People say holiday hookups shouldn’t follow you back into reality but the truth is, every experience is different! Play it by ear. If it looks as though this was a one time, no contact hereafter, then sure let things go. But every now and then that little spark of passion can actually carry over to friendship and there’s no need to ignore it because the unspoken rules say so. This is yours (and their) fling. Do what works for you guys, whether it’s saying goodbye or staying in touch.

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