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What The Hell Happened With The Loop On NYE?

On Saturday people everywhere bid a less than fond farewell to one of the shittiest years in a while; 2k16, you will not be missed. While celebrations kicked off across the world, at home spirits were significantly less high. Like, an uncomfortable amount less high. Specifically in the studio of Channel 11 music show, The Loop.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit it: there’s a crazy amount of over-hype around NYE, and high expectations can easily be let down due to a less than perfect night (looking at you, misleadingly good parties on TV). Even so, The Loop was exceptionally lackluster. Just watch, if you can handle the cringe…

As if it wasn’t bad enough that you were stuck at home watching the fireworks on TV, The Loop made you sit through this debacle. For shame.

There’s just so much going on here to unpack: what is this competition? Why does that woman at the front angrily pitch her party popper at The Loop host Olivia Phyland? Did one of those guys flip off the camera? And for gods sake! Someone get that poor bloke with the pom poms some trauma support!

There’s been a lot of questions asked online about what the hell is actually going on here such as who yelled at these people before they got onstage? And how many puppy murders were they forced to witness? However, so far, nothing’s really been worked out.

the loop nye countdown
Everyone is equal parts confused and awkward. Source

The current consensus is that the reaction of the ‘competition winners’ was a setup and that this was apparently a ‘joke’ of some sort. But really, with comedy this bad we can’t be sure. Whatever terrible thing caused this, intentional or not, lets pray it stays in 2016 – the lost year.