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Ways To Keep Healthy During Christmas

Christmas is a time where you’re expected to eat all the food in sight and put on some weight, but for those who are trying to watch their figures, here are some tips to minimise the damage.

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You don’t have to eat everything on your plate

It’s hard. Your relatives keep piling your plate up with food, and being the polite person you are, you keep smiling and taking bites. The reality? You feel like you’re about to explode. The next time your over-eager grandmother tries to off load another scoop of potatoes onto your plate, just explain that the food is so good, but you’re so full.

Avoid alcohol

It seems simple enough, but having one too many glasses of champagne on Christmas day will not only give you a headache the next day, but add to your body weight.

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Avoid going to parties hungry

Yep – if you think you’re starving, you’re just going to stuff yourself more. Go figure. Have a small snack before you leave the house, like cucumber or carrot sticks, and you’ll be good to go.

Have healthier options available

Yes, you can do Christmas well and do it healthy! So many online cookbooks have healthy alternatives to our favourite Christmas meals.

Don’t eat Christmas dinner too late

Yep, having dinner at like 8pm is so not good for your indigestion. Try having it in the late afternoon so your body has a better chance of breaking it down.


After Christmas dinner, and before dessert, go for a walk or play a game of soccer! Anything! Just keep active!

More importantly, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Aren’t the holidays supposed to be an enjoyable time, and how is it enjoyable if you are constantly counting calories of every bite you take?

I mean, isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are for?

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