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Four ‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoffs? Seven Hells Yes!

Winter may never cease to end.

Very little details have been released about the last season of Game of Thrones, but we can all feel the end looming over us. There are so many loose ends that need tying up: Will Sansa be the Lady of Winterfell? Where did Nymeria end up? Will Gendry ever row back to King’s Landing?

Game of Thrones
Drown me in wine, please. Source.

But wait, hold onto your dragons and bless the Seven! HBO has confirmed there are a team of writers working alongside the author of the series, George R. R. Martin (dude, where are my final books?) on possible ideas for spin-off shows.

These ideas will be developed by Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island), Brian Helgeland (Mystic River), Jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), and Carly Wray (Mad Men). Big names for a big show. Goldman and Wray have also be working individually with George R. R. Martin. Still no novels.

Based off A Song of Ice and Fire, the fictional world of Westeros is huge—full of different cultures and histories that have been mentioned in passing. The spin-offs are said to be working towards exploring “different time periods of George R. R. Martin’s vast and rich universe.” Imagine revisiting The Mad King’s childhood or the history behind the Three-Eyed Raven? Or how the Night King was created? What’s even better is we might go back to a time when dragons were common. The possibilities are endless.

Game of Thrones
I’m here for the dragons. Source.

“There is no set timetable for these projects,” the HBO said. “We’ll take as much or as little time as the writers need and, as with all our development, we will evaluate what we have when the scripts are in.” The showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff would continue their roles as executive producers, but would not be a part of the writing.

It was stated a while ago that a spin-off might happen, but Benioff and Weiss would not have a part in it.  “I think it’ll be great,” said Benioff, “but I think it’s better for them to get new blood in with new visions.”

Until these spin-offs have a more concrete confirmation date, Game of Thrones is blessing us with the latest season set to premiere on July 16th. Check out the teaser trailer below for some chills that’ll last you through winter.