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Farewell ‘Please Like Me’

After four seasons, ABC show Please Like Mehas called it quits. The show centred around Josh (played by Josh Thomas) coming to grips with his sexuality after his girlfriend Claire (played by Caitlin Stasey) confides that she is pretty sure he was gay.

Josh, the star and creator of the show, said, “Ultimately we decided this because we are really happy with what we’ve made and feel like it is complete.”

“I want to thank everyone who has watched the show and sent me a friendly note. This show is so intensely personal, it recreates the most intimate moments of my life and lays them out for anyone to watch. Seeing how people have connected with this show has been tremendously confidence building for me and I’m really grateful for that. Thank you,” Josh continued.

During its run, the show tackled some deeply personal issues; from coming out, to abortions and depression. Each character was so intensely human that you couldn’t help but love them dearly, even if they did drive you a little crazy at times. The show was so likeable because it was so real. Every relationship the characters had with each other was heartfelt and meaningful.

The show even made waves in the United States when it aired in 2013. It received an International Emmy Award in 2014 and high praise from Lena Dunham who said, “The sense of humour is just so high level. And I would love to work with him. He’s such a funny actor. I’m like America needs some Josh Thomas.”

How I feel now I know Please Like Me isn't coming back. Source.
How I feel now I know Please Like Me isn’t coming back. Source.

It is so rare to see a piece of Australian television directly targeted at millennials, and even further, the LGBTQIA+ millennials who are going through similar scenarios to what the show is all about.

It is a bittersweet farewell, as whilst it’s sad to say goodbye, the show has said all it needs to.

Farewell, Please Like Me.

You were more than likeable, you were loveable.