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E3 2017 – Bethesda Games (Dishonored: Death of the Outsider)

Ever since Bethesda Games broke onto the gaming scene with Elder Scrolls: Arena (yes, there were Elder Scrolls games before Skyrim) in 1994 and the first Fallout in 1997, it’s clear that big things were going to come from the company.

Fast-forward nearly twenty years, and who-knows how many hundreds of gaming awards later, and the gaming titan’s presentation is one of the most anxiously awaited of it’s kind for this event.

Unfortunately, this year’s presentation left a lot to be desired. The majority of the presentation was delivered through a cartoon amusement park ad, ‘Bethesdaland’, the lightheartedness and campy-ness of which conflicted with the more darker games being showcased. The host Pete Hines, despite being Bethesda’s VP of Marketing, was very un-engaging and seemed to be taking cues from Sean Spicer in terms of presentation charisma. But even with all those cons, the company still delivered on some eagerly awaited projects, along with a few unexpected ones.

‘Bethesdaland’ served as the main ‘backdrop’ for Bethesda’s E3 presentation. Source.

Amongst these announcements was the next installment in the Dishonored franchise, a stealth-action adventure series revolving around Corvo, a disgraced, imperial guardsman gifted with magic abilities. The first game, released in 2012, was centered around Corvo’s fall from his imperial status, his rise as the champion of the god-like Outsider and his quest for vengeance against the conspirators that killed his beloved Empress and usurped her throne.

The second game (released last year) saw Corvo (or his daughter Emily, depending on the player’s in-game decisions) return once again to his assassin role, this time to stop the Brigmore Witch, Delilah, from taking over the world.

As for the third game, Death of the Outsider, very little plot has been revealed, only that playable characters from the first game’s DLCs; the assassin Daud and his protegee Billie Lurk, will be the protagonists and that the plot will revolve around their plan to kill the “black-eyed bastard” responsible for the chaos in the world, The Outsider, the very same being that granted Daud and Corvo their powers.

Daud was also an antagonist in the first game, making his return a treat for diehard fans. Source.

After a particularly bloody teaser trailer was released, Bethesda made a statement saying that Death of the Outsider was not the third game in the series, nor a DLC, but an expansion pack. Call it what you will, but will the game be any good? Well, with the expansion’s release set for September 15th this year, we should find out very soon.

Stay tuned for the other parts of this article, where we will be examining a few games that managed to turn some heads at E3.