Donald Trump
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Donald Trump Likely to Win GOP Nomination – World Over?

Political jargon aside, Donald Trump has won the U.S presidential primary in Indiana, and his main competitor took his ball and went home. Now Trump will probably be the Republican nominee for the election.

Donald Trump
Bye Ted. source

This means he is basically one of two choices to be the next president. That means that out of 318 million Americans, he is one of the top two choices they prefer. That means a reality TV star is in the final two (out of 318 million) choices for president. To be frank, he probably shouldn’t even be in the top two choices for president out of other reality TV stars (Kim K anyone?).

But here we are. After winning Indiana, Trump seems to be cruising towards the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim the nomination. The Huffington Post had an appropriate response below.

Trump’s campaign had the feeling of when a friend who is definitely friend zoned keeps making ‘jokes’ about getting together and you make the slow realisation that they are not joking. At first it was kind of funny, but then you are just gradually overcome with dread as you realise this is a real thing you have to deal with.

Donald Trump

Until today at least, Americans could still tell themselves “Don’t worry, he might not win, we have options.” Not anymore mate. Ted Cruz suspended his already stalling campaign after the loss in Indiana.  While Cruz was a possibly worse option than Trump, at least the idea of options was a soothing thought for Americans. Once again, Huffington Post came through with a moving tribute of the Cruz campaign below.

It is looking increasingly more likely that it will be Trump vs. Clinton in the final decision for the next leader of America. Most experts are expecting Clinton to cruise to victory and that Trump won’t be able to win over enough mainstream voters, but they also said he couldn’t win the Republican nomination.