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Deliveroo predicts Australia’s biggest ‘sickie’ day (and it’s this week)

Winter – a.k.a “chuck-a-sickie-season” –  has finally joined us, and getting out of bed each morning has become the biggest challenge of the day. Your alarm goes off, the hot water bottle is still warm against your feet and you know for a fact that the moment you get out of bed your body temperature will drop faster than James Charles’ fan base; why the fuck would you want to get up and go to work?

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Well, it isn’t just you who feels this way. Deliveroo for Business has accumulated some interesting data which allows them to predict the date that will be Australia’s biggest sick day. From watching trends in the delivery service from previous years, it appears that June 13th will be one of the biggest order days for home delivery. Yes, that’s next Thursday.

Deliveroo for Business has shared that Thursdays are the most common day of the week to stay home. I honestly thought that Mondays would be the most popular sickie day, especially after a big Sunday sesh.

Deliveroo has also helped a homie out by letting Australians know when the best time is to call in sick if you want to be truly convincing to your boss or manager. If you want to chuck a sickie properly, you must call in on Tuesday morning at 7:38 am. Precisely. 

Our favourite food delivery app has also spilt the beans on which city in Australia chucks the most sickies. My guess would definitely have been Sydney – as a Sydney-sider myself with a bunch of mates who love to get rowdy on the odd weeknight. However,  Sydney isn’t the biggest slack-off city in Australia. The Gold Coast takes home the gold on this one.

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If you’ve used some cringe-worthy excuses in your time to get out of work, such as “my turtle’s funeral is today” or “I have an exchange student from Finland staying with me and they arrive today”, don’t worry too much. Deliveroo has pulled real stories from tidbits around the office to bring you the wildest excuses Aussies have used, and they’re cringe AF:

  • “My family goat has gone missing”
  • “My tattoo is hurting”
  • “My jacuzzi has burnt down”
  • “I can’t find my car keys”
  • “I think I’m allergic to almonds and someone in the office keeps eating almonds”

Sorry, but the goat excuse just doesn’t check out!

It might sound like fun and games, but unfortunately, Australians are costing the economy $34.1 billion annually from taking sick days, according to the 2018 Absence Management and Wellbeing survey. Yikes!

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Joe Satari at Deliveroo stated, “Having never owned a pet goat it is hard to understand the level of trauma losing this family member can evoke. However, Deliveroo for Business is entirely empathetic towards the Australian employers that will be enduring one of the toughest weeks of the year due to sickness. Utilising Deliveroo For Business may be the answer as the ultimate office perk that can be especially effective during winter in preventing a team member needing to pull a sickie.”

Are you going to follow the herd and pull a sickie this coming Thursday to binge-watch the new Black Mirror episodes? Tell us in the comments below!




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