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3 Tips to Commute like a Boss

‘Commuting is the worst’ – every commuter ever.

Commuting is something that millions of people do everyday, everywhere.  We all just cop it on the chin, never really talking about how draining and mind-numbing it is. If you’re anything like me, travelling to and from work or uni is exhausting. Luckily for you, I’ve put all my long hours travelling to good use and have figured out some good tips to keep you sane while on the daily commute.

1. Bring headphones (or something to keep you occupied).

I can’t stress this one enough. If you know you’ve got a long journey ahead of you, at least music or reading a book will keep you occupied. The other day I forgot my headphones and – let’s be honest here – looking out the window can only entertain you for so long before you want to start banging your head against the window out of sheer boredom. Plus if you don’t have headphones, you have to hear everyone coughing and sneezing for the entire train ride, which is both really gross and really annoying.

There’s always someone who missed basic hygiene 101. Source
2. Download Spotify playlists so you don’t chew up your 3G.

If you’re a Spotify user (you’re not alone), there’s really nothing better than listening to your favourite music while passing the time on your daily commute. A downside to Spotify however is that you need an internet connection. BUT WAIT! If you shell out for a premium subscription (only $11.99 per month, the same as your standard Netflix account), Spotify will include a ‘download playlist’ option. This will save your battery life and your data – just go to whatever playlist you want and select ‘download’ when you’ve got access to wi-fi. It’s easy as that! Before you know it, you’ll look like this guy while you’re listening to your tunes on the train.

Music sounds better when you’re not wasting your data. Source

3. Sit in the quiet carriage.

One of the only things that NSW Transport has done right was introducing the concept of ‘quiet carriages’. These little babies take up half of the carriages on the train, and they’re designated quiet zones. Amazing for when you’ve worked a nine hour shift and you’ve still got to catch the train for two hours. By introducing these to trains around NSW, you no longer have to hear some dickhead’s old and definitely outdated music playing from their shitty Nokia. Let’s face it – we’ve all been in a carriage with a dude who has no headphones and the urge to fill the whole carriage with ‘Closer’ by Ne-Yo. At least in the quiet carriage you can be guaranteed some much needed hush.

Hopefully these tips will make your commuting journey just that little bit easier. They’ve definitely made a difference to my commute!