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My Chemical Romance Might Be Getting Back Together

2016 seems to be resembling the mid-2000s: blink-182 released an album, Tarzan is in cinemas, Pokemon is popular and now, My Chemical Romance could be getting back together.

It’s been three years since My Chemical Romance announced their breakup and Gerard Way wrote the long tweet explaining why. But today, they shared the most beautiful thing on their Twitter and Facebook accounts: a 30 second video of a flying flag with the group’s revamped symbol to the piano intro of Welcome to the Black Parade which revealed a date at the end: 9/23/16.

My emo heart has skipped a beat. Could this be a reunion for the tenth anniversary of The Black Parade?

While there is no confirmation on what the teaser is about, their breakup tweet has been deleted, their official social media sites have been updated, and the announcement has reignited the fanbase as they share their excitement on Twitter.

We are sitting in the 10 year mark of mainstream emo music when bands such as My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan and Dashboard Confessional were making scaling the music charts and stoking teenage angst worldwide. However, this year is special for My Chemical Romance: it will be the 10th anniversary of their most successful album, The Black Parade, on October 23.

So even if this isn’t a complete reunion, something is happening on September 23rd so embrace your inner emo kid, put out your best black eyeliner and remember, it will be okay (trust me).