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Can We Make Skydiving Quidditch a Thing?

We all love a good viral video right? You’ll usually see it yourself on the internet but unless you make a declaration in all caps font on Facebook that you have indeed seen it already, prepare yourself to be tagged constantly until the hype has died down.

In case you’ve managed to avoid being tagged every two seconds with this one, have a look at the latest video to hit the internet: Skydiving Quidditch!


Holy shit man. There’s no special effects there, no green screens. These fantastic people threw themselves out a plane at 14,000 feet to play a game of goddamn Quidditch.

The daredevils in this video were equipped with all the necessities for a casual plummet through the air: some snazzy Quidditch gear that would incite a jealous sneer on Malfoy’s face; Cleansweep Sevens (they sure didn’t look like Firebolts…) and of course, a quaffle and hoop! Now I don’t know about you, but I actually held my breath when one of the blokes goes for a goal in the video – and he actually freaking gets it!

Now get this: it was all just an advert for a Columbian telecommunications company, ETB. I think more companies should take a leaf out of their book.

Quidditch isn't real you say? Well then...Source.
Quidditch isn’t real you say? Well then lemme tell you son…Source.

Now while some people are losing their shit over this video, bouncing in their seat going, “Ermahgawd, Quidditch is real!” there is one very specific group of people who, if they get tagged one more time in this video, will start throwing bludgers. And those people are …actual Quidditch players.

Ok, before we finish up here: yes, Quidditch is real. Don’t believe me? Go on, Google it. Right, now that you’ve been enlightened and are now hopefully checking to see whether your university has a team you can join, let me give you a run through of some of the most frequently asked questions Quidditch players have to endure:

  1. Wait …Quidditch is actually real?
    Yes. Yes it is.
  2. Do you guys actually fly?
    No, we can’t fly but we do play with brooms!
  3. Isn’t it hard running with a broom between your legs? And weird?
    Honestly, majority of the time you’re too focused on getting the quaffle through the hoops or dodging bludgers to care. On occasion there have been …incidences. Pain was felt. Bruises left.
  4. Wait, how does the Snitch work?
    Well, the Snitch is actually a person in gold shorts. They have a ball in a sock velcroed to the back of the shorts and the Seeker has to grab it, kind of like Oz Tag.
  5. But if the Snitch is worth 150 points, why do you even need the Quaffle?
    In Muggle Quidditch, the snitch is only worth 30 points.

Believe me there is plenty more to learn! But hopefully these help prepare you if you ever meet a Quidditch player, or become one yourself! But just one final note: if you have a Quidditch friend, don’t tag them in the Skydiving video. They’re most definitely already seen it. And don’t even go NEAR the Quidditch Pong photos. We’ve seen those too. Many, many times.

Brooms up! Source.
Brooms up! Source.