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Charleville Lodge Bans All Bloggers

Bloggers have officially joined the list of vetoed identities banned from Paul Stenson’s Charleville Lodge and White Moose Cafe, along with screaming babies and fussy vegans (and patrons who desire gluten-free dining without a doctor’s cert).

Hotel manager and aggressive marketer, Paul Stenson (ironically a blogger himself) has taken it upon himself to ban all bloggers from staying at Charleville Lodge following a huge social media backlash this week.

charleville lodge
Paul Stenson, a blogger, has banned blogger patrons at his hotel. Rationality at its finest (image)

On Wednesday night, Stenson published a post on the White Moose Cafe Facebook page explaining his decision to “ban all bloggers from our hotel and cafe.”

“The sense of entitlement is just too strong in the blogging community and the nastiness, hissy fits and general hate displayed after one of your members was not granted her request for a freebie is giving your whole industry a bad name.”

This post comes after several thousand internet users, including bloggers, vowed to boycott the business in protest of this “lowest of the lowest publicity stunt.”

The social media influencer has been revealed to be Elle Darby, who posted this video in response to the incident, despite Stenson blurring out her identity in his original abusive post. She claims to have received abusive messages since the incident. Comments on the video have now been disabled.

People over 30 “have no idea how social media works these days,” says Darby in her response video.

Ironically, Stenson’s inability to pursue the issue professionally has generated far more publicity than Elle Darby’s shout-out is likely to have created – and none of it is good. Despite this, he posted a thank-you to bloggers for generating his enterprise free publicity and promising to write a book featuring the hateful comments he’s received, with the postscript “you’re still barred.”

Stenson has been unavailable for media comment, posting on the White Moose Cafe page that he’s on holidays in Amsterdam, probably stoned.