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Beyonce stops world by announcing pregnancy

Beyonce has always been a powerful and strong woman of colour who is always in control of the message she puts out into the public. You best believe that if she wants to make a statement, she will do so because it’s Queen B and her fans expect nothing less. Besides, she shocked everyone who was watching the VMAS in 2011 by blowing their minds with her performance and then this happened.

See!? ON LIVE TELEVISION. Madness. Source

Therefore, if you’re a fan of her work and what she has done for the music world, it will come as no surprise to you that she announced that she is pregnant with twins through her Instagram page.

The photo, generating 9.4 million likes and counting, has broken the record that was previously held by Selena Gomez. This announcement has fans around the world buzzing with excitement that the Knowles-Carter family will be expanding by two. It was definitely a surprise to fans, and their excitement is palpable through the comments on the photo.

Naturally, with the internet being the way it is (aka rife with memes), this announcement was not free from jokes. See our favourite ones below.

Many can’t believe that Beyonce will still be headlining Coachella,  but hey, if anyone can do it while pregnant with twins, it’s definitely her.