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Cory Bernardi Is A Trump Fangirl, Surprises No One

Everybody’s favourite attention-seeking, über conservative politician, Cory Bernardi, is back in the news again after he tweeted a selfie of himself wearing a very Trump-esque hat.

The hat is an almost word-for-word copy of Donald Trump’s infamous campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.

The photo was taken during Bernardi’s secondment (temporary official transfer) to the United States as Australia’s representative to the United Nations. Let that sink in for a moment. Somebody actually thought Bernardi, who has called the UN a “fiscal black hole of bureaucracy” and an “unelected and unaccountable body”, was the best man for this $120,000 posting.

That’s sound decision making by the Liberal party. Source

While Bernardi’s been living it up in the land of the free, he’s fully jumped on the Trump bandwagon. Last Wednesday he wrote in his official blog that he will “be cheering on a Trump victory. I hope there’ll be something to celebrate.”

To anyone familiar with Cory Bernardi’s particularly hate-filled, fact-free style of politics, his vapid fangirl-ing over Trump comes as no surprise. I mean this is the same South Australian senator who has claimed:

  • Boys from “non-traditional families” are more likely to become criminals, and girls promiscuous (because that’s as bad as being a criminal to Bernardi)
  • Both the Greens and Islam are trying to destroy Christianity
  • Abortion is a “death industry” and people use it as a form of birth control (lol wat have you compared the price of contraception v. abortions Cory?)
  • Marriage equality will lead to bigamy and bestiality
  • Climate Change is a conspiracy
Donald Trump and Cory Bernardi
Just saying – we’ve never seen them in the same room together. They could be the same bloke. Source

The other Australian MP on the secondment, Labor’s Linda Burney, wasn’t too happy with Bernardi’s hat, tweeting:

Should Trump be elected on November 8, maybe Bernardi will be so happy he’ll decide to remain in the States. At least that’s one way to “Make Australia Great Again”.