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The Airbus Flying Car Concept May be the Way of the Future

Airbus love coming up with better, more efficient ways for airlines and their passengers to travel the globe. So really, it should come as no surprise that they’ve teamed up with design company Italdesign to unveil the transportation of the future.

Recently they unveiled a new flying car concept known as the Pop.Up. The Pop.Up is a two passenger pod that clips to wheels and can link with other Pop.Ups to create trains and zoom around through a hyperloop tube. It’s currently only a concept, but who knows; maybe one day we actually will be flying around like the Jetsons.

Us just zooming around in the pop.up. Source

The Pop.Up uses artificial intelligence to figure out the fastest route to your destination, as well as what mode of transport would be the quickest. The AI can either decide to go on the ground or through the air, while also taking into consideration costs and ride-sharing demands. How cool is that?!

However, the Airbus project contributor Marius Bebesel is aware of the Pop.Up’s limitations. He told Electric Vehicle Research:

“While Pop.Up relies on future technologies that are not yet mature enough, such as electric propulsion and sense-and-avoid technology, the basic idea of the vehicle is feasible.”

So while the creators of the idea want so badly for this dream to be a reality, it’s just not quite there yet. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re is letting that get them down, with Airbus already testing on demonstrator vehicles. These vehicles are expected to be up and zooming around within the next year, so keep an eye on the skies for Jetson-like pods.

If you’re interested in what the Pop.Up looks like and how it’s going to transport people throughout the skies, check out the video below.