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7 things to Do Over Easter That’s Not Inhaling Chocolate

Easter. I know what you’re thinking. The perfect time to sit back. Relax and overindulge on chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns and do nothing.

While it is hard to argue with that logic – we think the Easter weekend has a lot more potential. Besides, not everyone likes chocolate (yeah, right). Also chocolate is kind of bad for the environment and some brands have a rather questionable source (not meaning to be a killjoy – whoops).

So, we have done some brainstorming and come up with a crackin’ list of things to do over the long weekend that don’t involve overindulging on chocolate.

Hit the road

Easter is the perfect opportunity to get out of town and explore the unknown. A good idea is to simply go out and see where the road takes you. Turn left here, turn right there and you could end up some place you’ve never even heard of before, or at some waterfall almost no one knows about. An adventure awaits!


Source: Unsplash.


Rough it for a night

If you enjoy the serenity – this one’s for you. There are so many terrific places to go camping in Australia. And Easter is the perfect weekend for it. If you’re not into roughin’ it there is also this whole big trendy thing at the moment called ‘glamping’ which you might like to try. (Luxury and serenity, perfect).

Source: Flickr user Alex Graves

Go to the beach

By the time Easter rolls around you might think that going to the beach is a silly idea. But Easter in Australia is often tagged on to the end of our summer, meaning it is a good time to enjoy the beach without the insane crowds. Good Friday is the perfect time to sit by the water and chow down on the classic fish n’ chips.

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Have a picnic

Picnics are underrated. You get to go outside, with your food, bask in the sunshine, eat food and basically laze the afternoon away. Also: it’s the perfect time to indulge on cheese. For added entertainment you might consider also hosting an old-fashioned egg and spoon race. You may even want to make this part of that impromptu road trip.

Source: Flickr user Alex Lang.

Get creative!

If you’re a full time employee, chances are you don’t often get a chance to make stuff. Easter is an opportunity for getting a start on those pesky projects saved to your Pinterest which you have been meaning to try. Oh and if your project fails – that will make for a funny picture too!

Expectations vs Reality. Source.

Check out what’s on near you

Across the country this weekend there will be a multitude of events for those looking for new and exciting things to do. In Sydney there is the Easter Show and in Melbourne, the Comedy Festival. And in small towns and big cities everywhere else, entertainment, street festivals, exhibitions and competitions. We recommend checking your local paper for a list.



Netflix and chill

For all of you out there who are looking at list and thinking ‘Oooh expensive’. There is also a little thing called Netflix. Yes. Easter is also a great time to binge watch that television series you’ve been meaning to watch for so long.

Source: Flickr user flash.pro

If you’re still scratching your head after reading this list, there’s always indulging in chocolate. On the whole it’s not an entirely bad decision. And you have an excuse. It’s Easter!