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5 Even More Ridiculous Vince McMahon Moments:

After bringing you five ridiculous Vince McMahon moments, there was just far too many more examples of where the WWE owner went too far. Hence, I give to you five even more ridiculous Vince McMahon moments! (just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?)

1. Kiss My Ass Club: (various occassions)

Shawn Michaels entering the Kiss my Ass club. SOURCE.

Vince has, throughout his time owning the company over the last 40 years, made his way onto television as an authority figure. Most notably was his initial introduction as the owner in the mid 1990s. He became a tyrannical leader who would feud with all of the fan-favourites at the time. One of the more demeaning things he did to these wrestlers and on-screen personalities was having them join the very ‘esteemed’ Kiss my Ass club. Yes, Vince would force people to kiss his ass on live television. If you’re into that type of thing you can see below.

2. Made his own music video: (1987)

When I think singer, Vince McMahon is not the first person I think of. Actually, I could probably think of about 300,000 people more likely to be a singer than McMahon. However, that did not stop him from, back in the early days, trying his hand with microphone in hand.

Backed by a large amount of his employees (probably forced under duress), he sang and danced his way around the stage to his smash hit Stand Back!

3. Puts his body on the line (1999- Attitude Era)

After winning the 1999 Royal Rumble (which is ridiculous in itself) there was no way McMahon could put himself in the main event of the biggest event in the wrestling calendar, Wrestlemania. So, they needed a way to get him out of the title picture and give the match to the super popular Stone Cold Steve Austin. The solution? A steel cage match between Austin and the boss himself, Vince McMahon at St Valentine’s Day Massacre

While many remember this being the night of the Big Show’s debut, the moment I remember was McMahon taking a fall from the side of the cage onto the announce table before the match even began. He landed awkwardly and it was later revealed he had gotten internal injuries. You can see the moment at 1.06 in the video below.

4. Faked his own death:

When you run a company for so long, the ideas can start to run dry. After being an on-air personality for a number of years, Vince decided that the only way to write himself off television was to fake his own death. It was going to go on for a couple of months before he would make his triumphant return. When it initially happened, all the major media outlets picked up on the story and there was even talk of people ringing 911 thinking it was real.

The ruse was dropped a week later after one of his superstars, Chris Benoit, murdered his family before killing himself meaning Vince had to return to television to deliver the news.

5. Wrestling a midget:

After the faking his own death didn’t work out, McMahon needed another ridiculous angle that could take place over the summer, generally the boom period for the wrestling industry. So the next logical choice was to reveal he had an illegitimate son. Week by week, more was revealed as to who it could be.

Originally slated to be revealed as the son, Mr Kennedy was suspended just before the final reveal, meaning the writers had to come up with something left-field. And left-field it was as Hornswoggle, a midget wrestler/manager, was revealed to be the one.

Vince was embarrassed that he gave birth to a midget and eventually had a steel cage match with his son. It was hard to watch as he brutalized Hornswoggle which was later revealed to not be Vince’s son.

Well that raps up the list of ridiculous Vince McMahon moments. Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments or just bask in the ridiculousness that is Vincent Kennedy McMahon.