Making It

Meet the Makers: Chatting with Making It Australia’s Robert

From pottery, pyrography and macramé, to carving, crocheting and even a Chris Hemsworth lampshade, Making It Australia is currently hitting Aussie screens on 10 and 10 Play.

The program showcases the connoisseurs of craft – exceptional people who possess the knack for creating something totally resourceful and mind-blowing out of a few pieces of string and a bandsaw.

After every episode, Chattr will be speaking to the Maker who was eliminated the night before. Today we spoke to Artist, Robert.

What made you want to apply for Making It?

“I was actually asked to be a part of the show. I decided to go on it because I thought it would be a bit of fun, and that my sisters would enjoy watching me on TV.”

What was your time on the show like?

“It was really fun. I really got to connect with the other makers and just create and have fun together. We really got to know each other off camera as well, having that time to share and just get to know each other as people.”

You really got to represent your Indigenous heritage on the show. What was it like creating such personal crafts?

“I was a little bit concerned! I was like, ‘oh, hopefully it comes across well’ because I know, I can definitely have a good yarn and talk for five minutes or five hours. But I was really blessed in the way in which it just came across and it was conveyed, they captured it really well. A massive part of who I am and why I create is to share my culture and to pass on knowledge and information.”

What would you say to people who don’t believe they’re crafty enough to try this sort of thing?

“I only started painting six years ago. I’d say be okay with your mess, because one day it will turn into a masterpiece. I think you are always your worst critic, have the joy and just play. As adults, we’ve forgotten how to play and have fun, and I think if you look at it like that – just throwing colour onto a canvas, or creating a sculpture out of clay, or trying to stitch something. Don’t expect to be a perfectionist or that you’re great at your craft just yet, allow yourself to be not that great.”

What’s next for you?

“I’m currently working on a couple of murals around Melbourne – obviously not at the moment because of lockdown. And also I’ve got a couple of sculptures going up around Melbourne – one for the City of Hume for the Stolen Generations community, so it’s a really powerful piece that’ll be put up next year. And then another Arts Trail for the City of Dandenong. 

“I’ve never done sculptures before, but since being on the show I’ve ended up getting two jobs. I think it prepared me to think outside the box a little bit and do something I haven’t done before.”