Five Documentaries to Expect in 2029

The world is getting hotter and celebrities are getting crazier. When everything is changing at a rapid pace, it’s hard to imagine how things will be in ten years time. Will there still be climate strikes or is it already […]

The world is getting hotter and celebrities are getting crazier. When everything is changing at a rapid pace, it’s hard to imagine how things will be in ten years time. Will there still be climate strikes or is it already too late by then? Will smart homes become fake best friends with residents, steal all their information, and sell it off to the government? Actually, that’s probably be happening now. Here are five imaginary documentaries we can all expect to grace Netflix’s screens in 2029.

Greta Thunberg: “Our house is on fire”

Greta Thunberg is probably the highest trending child on the internet. By the time it’s 2029, she’ll be a 26-year-old woman and most likely will have created more change with her incredible voice and deep respect for Earth. Whether they are little changes like more companies going eco-friendly, or big changes like presidents and prime ministers forced to take extreme action and put climate change as a top priority thanks to Greta’s global petition, Greta is doing her best in fighting for a healthier planet. The documentary would look at her first few world climate strike days and then look at everything else she is doing with her time in the late 2020s. Viewers can also take a look at Greta’s personal life when she was a young teen all the way through to her current young adult years. 

The Siri Crisis

Okay, does anyone else hate Siri and think ‘she’ is utterly useless? Well, it seems most people do. The only time I use Siri is by accident when I ask, “are you serious?” to a friend I’m chatting with at coffee and Siri pops up because of the similar trigger word. Super annoying! Most of my friends have disabled Siri altogether, but I can never be bothered to spend more than two seconds in the settings app. I imagine there to be some sort of Siri crisis in 2028/29 where consumers are outraged by the fact they cannot disable her anymore due to a glitch in the system. The glitch also makes Siri an absolute cow and she says even more inaccurate facts when asked something and speaks when not spoken to. It’s kind of like a real-life Black Mirror episode, except it’s still not real life because this is all imaginary. However, it does sound very realistic as well as quite eerie. Is Siri a woman who’s been cloned billions of times living inside our phones? Find out in 2029.

Melania Trump: The woman behind America’s most hated man

Whether she divorced him (if she’s allowed) or is still with him by 2029, the woman finally speaks, and not from a script. This will be a behind-the-scenes of Melania when she was First Lady of the United States and her relationship with Trump when he was president. At the end of his session as President, he is even more hated for even more stupidity he brought into the world. This could be from a highly controversial tweet, a leaked secret affair with Hillary Clinton (now that’s juicy) or the world just simply having enough of his bullshit. Melania is hurt, she’s angry, and she finally speaks. She may have been America’s First Lady, but she was Trump’s second choice – now that’s a good slogan. More of Donald Trump’s secrets will be revealed thanks to his formerly quiet wife who isn’t controlled by him anymore.

The wonderful world of print 

Just a few years ago, a study on nature revealed some very frightening stats on tree clearing. It was stated that 15.3 billion trees are chopped down every year and estimated that 46% of the world’s trees have been cleared over the past 12,000 years. With magazines declining over recent years (goodbye Australian Cosmo) and everything turning digital, it makes sense newspapers and everything else in print will die and will only keep their existing digital platforms or will need to create one. Printers won’t exist in your homes, there may just be one at your office for emergency purposes only, which I’m sure there wouldn’t be many of them.

Emojis explained

By the time it’s 2029, there will be hundreds of new emojis introduced to our smartphones. There will be more food options to reveal what we’re craving, and more expressions of disgust to explain how hungover we feel. My bet is there will be a documentary in ten years time with influencers and celebrities ‘hilariously’ man-splaining what these emojis mean, as well as a look into how obsessed we are with these tiny visuals we use every single day to express emotion –  to create laughter or to reveal how sexually attracted we are to someone. I mean, they’ve already made an animated film, so a documentary is definitely next. 

Okay, I’m charging my jetpack; I’m about to fly off to uni now. 


Featured image sources: Apple, Euractive, The Emoji Movie