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Three industries which are more corrupt than we know, according to Reddit

We often hear federal governments being criticised for corrupt behaviour, as well as financial institutions. But what about more inconspicuous industries that fall under the radar? Reddit has listed a variety of industries and business practices which have the potential for corruption toward the unsuspecting consumer.  


This article does not argue that every organisation in the following industries is corrupt; rather it looks at the ways in which particular industries in general are more known for corruption compared to others, and things to watch out for when dealing in those industries. 


Mortuary Services


Aside from the argument that religion is a capitalist vehicle in general, it turns out mortuary services have some ulterior motives too. According to the Reddit thread, local and family-owned services tend to be a safer bet than larger corporations (which logically shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone). 


funeral industry


beatthinker, a Reddit user, writes “they are overcharging you for everything. It’s a disgusting extortion racket no one does anything about”.


You don’t need to be embalmed, and you don’t even need an urn. 


Reddit user Mortician-for-hire (damn, username checks out), recalls working in the industry:


“Worked in the funeral business, can confirm. I used to be written up on evaluations for not up-selling caskets, vaults, and urns to families. Legally you don’t even need an urn, if you provide the funeral home with a container, they have to use it. I put someone in a coffee can once just like Donnie in the Big Lebowski.”




If your car breaks down on the side of the road, there’s not much you can do except tow it away – unless you’re out of gas and there’s some petrol nearby. Unfortunately, if you’re not that lucky, the towing industry can be a bitch, according to Reddit. 


car industries car towing


Reddit user dickskittlez remembers:


Companies who tow cars are shady as absolute fuck. I had my car towed from the scene of an accident, and I couldn’t get an insurance estimate for 4 days because the tow company claimed they didn’t have it. Then they charged the insurance company for 4 days of “storage” after I went to their lot myself and took pictures of my car sitting there.”


User mariojack3 offers a petty solution:


“I did this once when I got towed, illegally btw, they wanted like $450 or some shit. So I got $450 in pennies in buckets, the ladies working there were not having it. We ended up calling the police because they weren’t taking our legal tender and keeping my car. The cops told them to either take my money (by counting each and every penny) or void the debt or he would have them arrested for vehicle theft. They quickly gave me my car back, best part was people were also coming in and seeing this and leaving to do the same. It’s a dick move but so is (sic) illegally towing my car and then demanding $450 to get my car back.”




This one totally goes without saying. 


If university education wasn’t expensive enough, many subjects require one, if not more, expensive textbooks that students require to pass the class. Sometimes classes require updated editions of a textbook each year – which blocks the second-hand textbook market. These new editions tend to have very similar – if not identical – information, but new case studies and assessment questions, which forces students to pay for brand new books. 


textbooks university scam expensive


Reddit user StevenMulraney writes, “Intelligence researchers have written papers on how trashy intro to psychology textbooks reliably are. It’s absurd how bad textbooks can be for political reasons”. 


Sometimes along with a textbook, you also have to pay an additional fee to access an online program on which to complete and submit your homework. 


From Reddit user Purplefish994: “my favourite is when after buying the $200 textbook you have to buy a separate $100 online code so that you can do your homework.”


It’s especially fun when your lecturer forces you to purchase a textbook they wrote. 


When dealing with any large-scale business, it always pays to know your rights, and understand (at least at a basic level) the services you’re paying for. Can you think of other corrupt industries? Let us know in the comments below! 


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