Isle of Man Legalises Same Sex Marriage

The Isle of Man has become the newest name to be added to the growing list of countries and states that have legalised and supported marriage equality.

With same sex couples being able to enter a civil union since 2011, they will now be able to officially marry in a civil or religious ceremony with the passing of the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Amendment) Bill.


In its third reading in the Legislative Council, three members voted in favour of the amendment, whilst three voted against.

The push for equality first started in October last year when Isle of Man chief minister, Alan Bell, launched a public consultation on the Marriage and Civil Partnership Bill, believing it to be the right moment for equality to be recognised.

“The time is right for this legislation to be introduced.  I believe that the values of fairness and tolerance are shared by the overwhelming majority of people in our Island and that allowing loving, committed couples of the same sex to be married in no way undermines the institution of marriage.”

This step forward into the world of equality has been a significant one for the Isle of Man, where homosexuality was illegal up until 1992. This was a crime which carried a possible life time sentence in prison.

Despite the majority of Australian’s supporting the idea of marriage equality (72%), Australia continues to fall behind in the race for marriage equality.

The debate of marriage equality in Australia will be one of great significance in the upcoming Australia federal election. The time has come for marriage equality so make sure you stand up and pledge your support. Let us join the road to equality.