Farmer David

The oracles at Sportsbet have leaked who the Farmers choose on Farmer Wants a Wife

No surprises here!

It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey for our five Farmers on Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2023 and as the series draws closer to the end, the oracles at Sportsbet have released who they think the men will choose.

This year, every single countryman will walk away finding love. While some of the Farmers are currently struggling to decide who they want to be with ~foReVa~, others are proving that true love is easy to find with some clear front-runners staking their claim.

Now, this story contains potential spoilers for this season, so look away now if you’re not prepared to have the ending ruined.

Here’s who they *may* have chosen at the time of publication.

Farmer Andrew

According to Sportsbet, Claire will win the heart of Farmer Andrew with odds of $1.17. Coming in next is Sarah from Bondi, followed by the free-spirit that is Jessie.

Farmer Brad

Another Farmer, another Clare. The betting odds agent predict that Clare will win Farmer Brad’s heart, with odds of $1.33. Behind her is Morgan, followed by Shelby.

Farmer Brenton

It looks like Farmer Brenton chooses Sophie, with her odds sitting at $1.23. Rachel and Jemma are sitting in second and third place respectively.

Farmer David

Farmer David is set to choose Emily, with odds of $1.40. Following her is Lorelei, Alyssa and Leah.

Farmer Matt

Finally, it’s looking like Farmer Matt will choose to walk away with Olivia. She is paying $1.37. Chelsea, Madelon and Annabelle will be named runner-ups.

Farmer Wants a Wife continues on 7 and 7plus.

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