5 Times We Were All Natalie Tran

Whether it’s because you’re rugged up on the couch during this bizarre Aussie cold snap, or you simply don’t have a life (guilty!), I think we can all agree that sometimes all you want to do is binge watch YouTube videos. And what’s better for avoiding your actual life than being reminded about it via people on the internet?

Enter Natalie Tran: aka CommunityChannel. While she may not update as regularly as she promises, and we’re still waiting for the infamous lamingtons video, it’s safe to say Natalie is pretty damn spot on about a lot of things – all the while being classy as hell. Sort of…

We’ve all been there… Source

Here are five times Natalie Tran’s videos were un-boh-lievable in their accuracy:

The “fuck measuring tape” method

Seriously, who just carries around measuring tape (or knows where it is in their house) apart from tradies? Nah mate, we’ve all used this method once or twice in our life. I used it recently when I needed to know whether a product would fit in the only available spot on the shelf. I may have looked like an ass to my coworkers but you can bet the box fit!

Nailed it! Source

Dealing with multiple sneezes

So, I don’t just sneeze once. I sneeze a billion times in a row. Whenever someone says “bless you” after I sneeze, I feel obliged to give them fair warning this may go on for a while and ask if they truly want to commit to their end of the “sneeze – bless you” deal. Suddenly, Nat’s imaginary Sneeze Care service doesn’t sound too bad. I mean, the bitchy woman on the phone putting you on hold unnecessarily is pretty accurate to life.

“Multiple sneezes decreases the amount that somebody cares for you.” Source

The ‘Yep’ system

Ok… I didn’t take much notice of this one until I was at work the other day and asked a customer to spell their name to me. I followed the first few letters with a “yep!” and then stopped. There was a long, awkward silence between us in which we stared into one another’s eyes and she hesitantly read the next sequence of letters with a question mark at the end. If you adopt the ‘Yep’ system, you follow that shit through. It’s the law.

Crossing the road: the pressure!

Oh thank god this isn’t just me! The pressure is real guys. There’s the build up, where the car is slowing down but you’re not quite sure it’s gonna stop. And you check whether you’re actually at a crossing and have right of way (hint: you’re usually not). And finally the car stops of its own free will, but the driver impatiently waves at you to cross. Hey man, that’s not how roads work when it’s not a pedestrian crossing.

Screw it! I’m crossing the road at my own pace man! Source

For people who skip ads

Does anyone else feel really guilty when they skip ads? Occasionally I just let it play out and pretend to be interested just to feel better. But then you get those bastard ads who don’t have a skip button and you feel super betrayed. Regardless, be honest: did you try and skip Nat’s video about skipping ads? Yeah me neither…

Well...that's one way to stop people skipping it.
Well… that’s one way to stop people skipping it.

So now that I’m all done here, I’m going to go do many, many important things with my day. Oh who am I kidding…

…pretty much. Source