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“I cry every day”: Abbie Chatfield has a new boyfriend and she is VERY happy

Plus, she reveals if they're monogamous

Abbie Chatfield has proved that love isn’t dead by revealing deets about her new boyfriend in a gushing special two-part episode of her podcast.

Although Abbie didn’t mention the name of her boo, she did reveal lots of juicy tidbits about their relationship.

 “It’s actually the most important thing that’s happened to me, dating-wise,” she said on It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield.

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie Chatfield. It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield.

Abbie told listeners that, unlike her last relationship with Konrad Bien-Stephen, she and her new man are in a monogamous relationship. However, she did suggest that they may eventually transition into an open relationship.

“I am really not in a position to be in an open relationship right now because of how traumatised my brain is… I need to feel fully focused on. I was really scared to tell him because I was thinking he would want to be open, and open only. I think monogamy is going to happen until, like, a few more months.”

Who is Abbie Chatfields new boyfriend?

The TV personality has kept the identity of her new boyfriend under wraps, but she has revealed that he’s “so hot” and “emotionally intelligent.”

“He’s so sexy. He’s so funny. He’s like an electric person to be around,” she added.

Abbie teased that she has “known him for a couple of years.”

The 28-year-old continued to gush about her new man in the podcast.

“He’s made me feel like myself again. He’s reminded me of who I am,” she said. “He makes me so much happier and more calm in every aspect of the world.”

Abbie Chatfield. Instagram.

When was Abbie’s last relationship?

Abbie’s last public relationship was with The Bachelorette star Konrad. The couple dated for ten months and were very candid about their open relationship.

“So obviously being open means we can sleep with other people… the whole point. Unfortunately, I’m not doing the second part. So I’m being monogamous,” Chatfield said on her radio show in June 2022.

She added, “I wanted to and I still want to, but the issue is Konrad is the only one that seems to be able to get laid around here.”

“I’m upset because he’s now slept with two people and I’m happy for him obviously. But I’m also like, when will it be the Chatfield’s turn? I have no prospects in sight.”

Abbie and Konrad confirmed in September 2022 that she and Konrad split “months ago”.

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