Time to Jam With Ya Fam! Optus Has Data Free Music

I find that as a busy young industrious woman (read: unlicensed) at least 50% of my day is spent in transit. I spend time walking to the shops, riding the train to uni, riding my bike to work, and (quite regularly) dying of boredom on the bus, falling asleep, missing my stop and then spending an extra 40 minutes trying to get home. If only there was some way to make all this travel more enjoyable…

Most of the time, I’m left with two options: stare into the abyss of my soul and have it stare back at me OR use all my data drowning out my thoughts with music. Well finally, Optus is launching a service to save my broke ass: DATA FREE STREAMING!

This phone – data usage = a happy Bec. source

“Whaaaattt?! Bec, this cannot be!” I hear you gasp. Don’t hyperventilate my friend, it’s completely legit! Building on the entertainment services they already provide like Yes TV by Fetch, Optus said that tapping into the music market was the next logical step.

You did it Gretchen, Fetch is a thing! source

“As smart phones become even smarter, customers are increasingly turning to their mobiles for entertainment. With 78% of 16-34 year olds already enjoying music streaming, it makes sense for Optus to partner with some of the most sought after streaming services. Although Australia is a nation of music lovers, we know that data is the number one barrier for Optus customers when it comes to music streaming. We’re confident these plans will break down the data barrier and convince more Aussie’s to try music streaming with Optus prepaid.” said Ben White, Managing Director of Marketing and Product.

The service officially kicked off on May 2nd so people who were already signed up to Optus‘s My Prepaid Ultimate or My Prepaid Daily Plus are already enjoying music from iHeartRadio, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and Guvera …DATA FREE! But basically, any time you sign up for either of these deals or other selected plans (check that fine print, yo) your data free streaming will be included.

And, just in case listening to music on your phone is still more time than you’d like to be spending by yourself, this service also gives you a chance to win money-can’t-buy live music experiences.


Thanks to a partnership with Universal Music and iHeartRadio, you can now get access to over 20 live music events each year, including intimate gigs, events, tickets, and artist meet-and-greets. Stalkers unite!

So, if you’re still paying to stream your music, what are you doing, ya schmuck? Get on the good stuff while the good stuff’s going and never have be trapped with your own thoughts again. Oh, I mean, don’t use data to stream music…

Check out the prepaid deals here. This is a sponsored article.