Charlotte Crosby on Aussie Shore

“I’m scared for Australia!”: Charlotte Crosby confirms Aussie Shore

She's back!

Australia is getting its very own version of the popular show Geordie Shore, and Aussie Shore’s cast includes Charlotte Crosby.

Charlotte, who was on Geordie Shore for 12 years, will be taking on the role of House Boss in the new series.

She’ll be in charge of ten wild Aussie house-mates who are all aged in their twenties – similar to Charlotte’s era on the show.

“The last week of my life, I’ve never experienced craziness like it. We’re filming Aussie Shore,” she told Kyle and Jackie O.

“They’re young! We were in our 20s, they’re all 10 or 11 years younger than me, that’s why I’m the boss.”

Charlotte Crosby with her daughter. Instagram.

“Not one of them knew each other [before filming], and now they know each other very well,” she added.

Charlotte told viewers to expect a whole lot of drama on the first season of Aussie Shore.

“Charlotte teased: ‘”The new generation are wild, they have grown up on reality TV. They are pushing boundaries you didn’t even know these boundaries existed – I’m scared for Australia!’

The original Geordie Shore cast. Instagram.

What will Geordie Shore be about?

Ten fresh-faced, unapologetically wild Aussie singletons who embody the Shore spirit will come together as one big dysfunctional family and call Cairns in North Queensland, their home for the most unforgettable and unfiltered summer of their lives.

As House Boss, Charlotte will help them navigate the highs and lows of living, working and partying together.

When will Aussie Shore be released and how can I watch it?

There’s no air date for Aussie Shore yet, but it will be available to stream on Paramount+ once it’s released.

Charlotte and Gary on Geordie Shore. MTV.

Who’s in the cast?

The identities of the chaotic cast haven’t been revealed yet, all we know it will star Charlotte along with ten housemates in their twenties.

Is there a trailer?

Not yet, but stay tuned!

Aussie Shore will be available to stream on Paramount+.

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