Think Twice Before Shaming Muslims

Before we get started here, I would like to note that I believe everyone has the right to express their own thoughts within reason. We all have the freedom of speech. So, as you hold your own opinion, I hold mine. My thoughts and opinions have been shaped by logic and personal experiences.

The tragic shooting in Orlando has caused outrage across the globe – with 50 killings and 53 injuries, the event is tremendous. My deepest love goes to those affected. In the midst of this terror attack, I question the United States gun laws, yet others are questioning an entire religion.

Australian politician, Pauline Hanson, has recently released a video to “have a serious chat about this latest terrorist attack.” She says that Muslims should not be allowed in to Australia and urges Australians that:

“We have to take a strong stance against Muslims, a strong stance against Islam.”


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When someone advocates hate towards a religion, they are promoting hate towards every follower. There are approximately 2.08 billion Muslims that share this precious earth with us. So, if you hate Islam you don’t just hate the religion, you in reality hate 2.08 billion people. That’s a lot of unneeded hate. It has deeply saddened me that I have witnessed my own friends advocate hatred towards Islam on social media recently.

Muslims are human beings who share life with us. They are mothers, fathers, students, and children. In my very own family I am connected to Muslims. My brother, Graeme, has married a beautiful lady called Tya. Tya is a Muslim, she derives from a family who practices the Islamic faith. I attended their wedding in Indonesia, a country where the primary religion is Islam. Did I ever feel scared there? OF COURSE NOT.


Tya’s family were welcoming and peaceful. The wedding was wonderful and the culture was intriguing. If you agree with Pauline Hanson, that Muslims should not enter Australia, then you are telling me that my lovely sister-in law should not have been allowed in to Australia. That, above all, disgusts me.

Oh yes, there are extremist Muslims. There are radical Muslims who walk the earth and because of them we are entitled to fear. But guess what:

“since 1976, there have been 70,000 asylum seekers settled in Australia who arrived by boat. Not one of them has been found to have a link to terrorism.”  – Tasneem Chopra, cross cultural consultant, speaking on Q&A, November, 2015.

And in the United States there have been more people killed by toddlers than terrorists. More TODDLERS have caused deaths in dreadful and accidental shootings.

Instead of detestation towards Muslims, we should feel sympathy, love or sadness. Millions of Muslims in Syria are being displaced. Their homes are being bombed, their families are being torn apart and they are struggling to re-build their lives. Australia needs to help these people with love, not initial hate.

“In cases where religious affiliation of

terrorism causalities could be determined, Muslims suffered between 82 and 97% of terrorism related fatalities over the past five years” – Globalresearch.

As Australians we must accept that nation-wide, we are growing more as a multicultural society. If Australians are advocating for Muslims to not be allowed in to Australia, then maybe it should work vice versa. We should not be allowed in to countries where the majority are Muslims in the name of ‘safety’.

Let’s start with Indonesia. 90% of the population in Indonesia claim to be Muslim. So how about Australians stop going to the popular destination Bali? If Australians truly fear for their lives when it comes to being in close proximity to Muslims, then why are countries such as Indonesia, Morocco and India popular travel destinations for us? To me, this makes no sense. If you don’t want Muslims here, then don’t travel to countries where they have the largest Muslim population.

A photograph of Tya

This article wasn’t written to attack certain standpoints, everybody is different and therefore we each hold diverse insights. The bottom line is that if you are scared of Muslims, or if you have any sense of hate towards them, please just think twice before you let those feelings prevail. As an Australian, be thankful that you are safe and if you’re not doing so already, spread the love. There is no need to hate 2.08 billion people.