Eight Things That Only A Makeup Addict Will Understand

To some of us, beauty and makeup is life. The latest lipstick range or the newest brand collaboration with your favourite YouTuber can mean the same to us as a very long line at Maccas to chicken nugget lovers after […]

To some of us, beauty and makeup is life. The latest lipstick range or the newest brand collaboration with your favourite YouTuber can mean the same to us as a very long line at Maccas to chicken nugget lovers after a good night out.

For people like me, we’re completely obsessed with all things lipstick, highlight and contour, but not everyone understands.

Here’s eight things that will resonate with you if you’re a beauty addict.

1. Always being the last one ready because your friends insist on you doing their eye makeup first.


If you’re like me, and you own lots of makeup (some will even argue too much), then there’s no doubt that your friends want in on the gloriousness. There’s been instances when my friends have only brought their foundation and concealer, then proceeded to use my products on the rest of the face. It’s ego-boosting for sure, but the feeling when you’ve hit pan on your favourite highlighter only 4 months into using it is non comparable.

2. The god forsaken eyeliner struggle.


Look, I’ll be the first one to admit that I can’t do eyeliner. At all. I’ve considered going to makeup classes just to learn how. But when your eyes are two different shapes, there’s nothing that a little sticky tape can’t fix. Simply remove the tackiness on the back of your hand and apply it evenly to where the eyeliner should sit. You’ll get that sharp wing in no time.

3. When your friends ask you to recommend them a type of foundation.


You better sit down for this one girl, cause you about to get schooled.

When this happens, you can’t just simply recommend a foundation. There’s many more factors that come into play other than just matching it to your skin, and sometimes that doesn’t even go correctly. Getting a good foundation is based around your skin type and undertones, and what kind of finish and last you want throughout the day. If you nail these then I assure you, your base will be flawless.

4. When storing makeup becomes an art within itself.


There’s no doubt that storing makeup is probably almost as important to using the makeup itself. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then just go onto YouTube, search “Makeup storage” and you’ll see beautiful and satisfying videos on how people use whole rooms to store their makeup. I simply have a drawer. Not much, but it’s getting there.

5. Getting ready to go out is more fun than actually going out.


There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when you sculpt the perfect brow or flick the perfect wing. Getting that contour sharp is also something to have a drink to. Makeup, at the end of the day, is

art and my face is the canvas, so let me get the highlight on fleek while jamming to my favourite tunes.

6. Deciding what to take when you’re travelling.


You can’t say that there’s not a struggle when trying to fit all of your essential products into one makeup bag. Sometimes I think that I may have to check in a suitcase just for my makeup. And it’s even harder to imagine how much you’re going to buy once you’ve reached your destination. Is it worth going with less and coming back with more?

7. You can quote your favourite YouTubers.


There’s no doubt many famous beauty gurus out there, and they’re all extremely talented with what they do and how they blend. For me, my favourites are Jaclyn Hill, KathleenLights, Carli Bybel, Nikkie Tutorials and Shaaanxo. All four women are hilarious and I can’t get enough. If you can’t find me, I’m probably in bed watching their vlogs on repeat.

8. It’s like Christmas when your favourite YouTuber collaborates with a brand.


I remember the first time Jaclyn Hill announced her little compact of powdered gold, Champagne Pop. There was something inside me telling me I needed to have that highlight. It’s honestly like Christmas when these products come – your favourite beauty gurus and makeup products?! Yes please!

If you’re reading these things and you can’t help but think ‘Woah, that’s totally me’, then chances are you’re a beauty addict too!