Timothy and Lucinda

Exclusive: Are MAFS 2024’s Timothy and Lucinda still together?

The whole country has their fingers crossed

With Timothy Smith’s larrikin attitude and Lucinda Light’s spiritual ways, they’re seemingly mismatched but have still managed to capture the hearts of MAFS fans nationwide.

Lucinda has been a strong shoulder for Timothy to lean on after recently losing his father, and Timothy has managed to push down some of his barriers and open up to his TV wife.

But, despite having most of Australia rooting for their relationship, are they still together?

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Are Lucinda and Timothy still together?

Despite overwhelming evidence that Lucinda and Timothy have been spending a lot of time together post-filming, a recent slip-up by Lucinda might have given away the grim fate of their relationship.

During an interview with New Zealand radio show The Edge Breakfast, Lucinda was asked if she’d ever make the move to NZ.

“If I met a really…” Lucinda began before stopping herself. “Well, yeah maybe.”

Of course, the obvious way to end the sentence would be “nice man”, Lucinda’s attempt to come back from her almost-spoiler was less than convincing.

“If I met a really nice job opportunity or something like that,” she finished.

Lucinda and Timothy on MAFS. Nine.

However, there’s still hope for Lucinda and Timothy to transition into a romantic couple. In a radio interview on March 5th, Lucinda revealed that she was spending the night with Timothy.

“I’m about to see Tim tonight, I’m about to go meet him, we’re going to Melbourne Fashion Week together. He’s a darling,” she told Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G.

When Emma pressed Lucinda for information about what her relationship with Timothy was like, her response was very promising.

“Absolutely divine, so beautiful, so close, so special,” Lucinda said. “I don’t know where you guys are up to in the story, but it’s such a beautiful love story and I’m so excited for you guys to watch the rest of it.”

Lucinda and Timothy from MAFS. Nine.

Plus, we have exclusive photos that suggest the couple is still very much together!

The pair were snapped having some beers together at a Sydney restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

Timothy and Lucinda. Supplied.
Timothy and Lucinda. Supplied.

On top of that, Instagram account MAFSGossip shared leaked photos of the TV couple at a BBQ in Melbourne this week. Timothy and Lucinda look very close in the photos, with her cuddling into his shoulder.

Furthermore, Daily Mail Australia published photos of the couple walking down the street together, before entering a building. They were both in good spirits and positively delighted to be in each other’s company.

However, unfortunately, it’s not all great news. Timothy was also spotted out and about by Yahoo Lifestyle Australia, in the snaps he was dining with a mystery woman on Melbourne’s Chapel Street. We’re just praying it’s his cousin!

Timothy and Lucinda’s pairing

Timothy loves a laugh, is social and outgoing, and describes himself as “Peter Pan”.

However, he doesn’t let people in easily, partly due to the loss of many loved ones which has hurt him deeply. According to his 9Now bio, his match “needs to be a genuinely good person, with a flexible, fun nature”.

He also “knows that he wants to feel butterflies and excitement when his bride walks down the aisle.”

On the other hand, Lucinda is fun, easygoing, sensual, creative and an eternal optimist.

According to her 9Now bio, she’s “looking for an open-minded man who is willing to be vulnerable, have a good time and explore everything the world has to offer.” She also hopes to find someone who’s “dedicated to constant personal evolution and discovering his full potential alongside her”.

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