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The most epic editing fails on MAFS 2024


It’s a given that most of the MAFS brides and grooms are big personalities, however, a little edit doesn’t go astray to make their portrayal even more outrageous.

Of course, reality TV editors are just people and mistakes can be made, which certainly happens sometimes on MAFS.

From obvious frankenbiting (multiple audio clips blended together) to just downright confusing tidbits, here are some of the most epic editing fails on MAFS 2024.

The experts talk about Simon and Stephen in the same session

Way back at the start of MAFS 2024, Michael Felix was matched with Simon Flocco, and both grooms attended their respective bucks and grooms parties.

However, shortly after the event, Simon decided he didn’t want to be part of the experiment. The experts vowed to find Michael a “better match”.

Fast forward to episode fourteen, and the experts were shown talking about Michael’s new match, which was presented to be Stephen Stewart. HOWEVER, John, Mel and Alessandra were wearing the *exact* same clothes as they wore when they talked about Simon and Michael, leading viewers to believe the experts were actually talking about Simon in this clip, too.

MAFS. Nine.

Tori’s interviews

Former MAFS groom Ollie Skelton pointed out that some clips of Tori speaking about her husband Jack were spliced together.

In the clip, Tori says “So when it comes to”, and then her voice changes and she says: “Jack, I’ll handle it”. This clip makes it obvious that the editors have spliced two clips together and tried to make it sound as Tori said it in the same sentence.

Lauren’s swig of ‘wine’ in a producer-led interview

During one of Lauren’s producer-led interviews before she walks down the aisle to marry Jono, she takes a quick skull of what looks the be a glass of white wine.

The act fits in well with Lauren’s ‘wild’ persona that’s represented on the show; at the time of the scene, she’s talking about her recent “messy” trip to Bali. However, it turns out poor Lauren was just having an innocent sip of water out of a wine glass.

Yahoo Lifestyle Australia desaturated the image, and the yellow-looking wine is actually clear.

An editing fail on Lauren on MAFS
MAFS. Nine.

A bizarre emergency exit

Everyone knows that the way to exit a car is… through the car door. However, there was an emergency exit on the outside of the wedding limo handle. At this point, some of the brides and grooms are probably wishing it was on the inside so they could leg it out of there.

However, while this might seem like an editing fail, it’s actually a safety measure commonly used in bigger cars. The handle is designed to override electrical locking devices in case there’s a failure in the central locking and someone needs to exit the vehicle in an emergency.

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