Instagram reveals its biggest trends in 2019 from A – Z

Instagram Australia has launched an ‘A – Z of Instagram’ report, which looks at how Australians are using the social platform to connect with the things they love every day.   From avocado art to zodiac memes, the A-Z of […]

Instagram Australia has launched an ‘A – Z of Instagram’ report, which looks at how Australians are using the social platform to connect with the things they love every day.


From avocado art to zodiac memes, the A-Z of Instagram celebrates the weird and wonderful hobbies of local communities as well as trending interests and emerging passions. Here is the full list from A – Z:

A is for avocado

There’s something about this fruit/vegetable/nut(?) being one of the biggest food trends over the last couple of years. Maybe that’s why it’s so bloody expensive?

B is for Body Positive

From plus size models celebrating self-love to accounts dedicated to celebrating everything that makes us uniquely different, Instagram has helped expand the way we see, feel and interpret beauty,” says Instagram.


C is for Cleanstagrams

Basically, the Marie Kondo effect has crushed it on the social platform. Hoarders are out, minimalism is in.


happy marie kondo GIF by NETFLIX

D is for Dirt Biking

This definitely caught me by surprise! I thought it was going to be dogs (sad react).


E is for Effects


“Aussies have been quick to embrace Instagram’s Face Filters, with some of the top camera effects used by Australians including Subtle, Heart Eyes and Romance Superzoom.”


instagram filter

F is for Face Jewellery

We Aussies live for festival culture, and face jewellery is all a part of that. Think OTT shimmer, fluoro face and body glitter, and good ol’ $2 stick-on diamonds. 

G is for #GreenThumbs

I’m so glad sustainability is now a trend. According to Instagram: “Surprisingly, millennials are now spending more than their parents on pot plants, with vertical gardens, #houseplants, succulents and vine time transforming almost every surface imaginable, and sharing their passion with the online world, transforming Instagram every shade of green.”

H is for #HomeIsWhereYouPark

Home is where the heart is, whether that’s the car park in Kiama or illegally on a private beach. 

instagram party


I is for #ITeachToo

There are some great educators using Instagram to teach followers a lesson. “It’s not only sharing their lesson plans and teaching tools but to build an army of educators, inspiring fellow teachers and supporting one another,” said Instagram.

J is for Jillaroo

“Fancy a bit of hard yakka? With 70% of Australia considered “the outback”, our love for the land runs deep. Not just the name of the Australian women’s NRL team or the work of the McLeod’s Daughters, Aussie Jillaroos are doing their bit to remind us of our dusty roots and are taking up the role of horsemanship duties in droves.”

K is for Kaftans

They’re loose and you can eat whatever you know bloats you and not give a damn. It’s like the ultimate pregnancy clothing for those who aren’t pregnant. They can also be quite stylish.

L is for Lake Tyrrell 

This is apparently the ultimate travel destination for that perfect Instagram-worthy photo that’ll make you weak at the knees.

M is for Mlem

“No this is not a typo – just one of the loveable characteristics of our four-legged friends. Dogs of Instagram is a commonly known phenomenon, however the act of licking their own noses, AKA ‘mlem’, has got Aussies double-tapping.”

instagram mlem


O is for Op shopping

Out with the old and in with the old.

P is for @poppystarr

She’s the hottest professional teenage skateboarder rn. “Her account is quickly growing as skateboarding is set to be an Olympic sport for the first time in Tokyo next year”, says Instagram. 

Q is for Quote Of The Day

“I’d like a cheeseburger, large fries and a Cosmopolitan” – Carrie Bradshaw.


instagram carrie

R is for @RetroSweat

“Ah, the eighties. An era where fashion was tight and bright and hair was even better. Jane Fonda, your legacy is very much alive and kicking – or rather thrusting – it’s way around our neighbourhoods in the form of @Retrosweat.”

S is for Sustainable Travel

Let’s be nice to Planet Earth while she’s still here. Please, and thank you.

T is for @Tidas4Tidas

“Tiddas 4 Tiddas was started as an initiative designed to empower young Indigenous women to know their worth and what they’re capable of.”

U is for #Unilife

OMG. I forgot to order a frickin’ soy latte (extra hawt) before Matthew Gaulman’s lecture on biodiversity and conservation. I need something to get through four hours of garlic breath, even from the back of the theatre. FML. #Unilife. 

unlife instagram


V is for #VitaminSea

Basically, anything from swimming and surfing to making sandcastles as a 23-year-old woman who has work tomorrow – don’t lose the plot, Janice! We love embracing the sea in Australia, and I bloody love that for us.

W is for Women With Pencils

AKA me. Except I’m a woman with a keyboard. “Seriously talented, these women of illustrative art are a community creating contemporary paintings and drawings, and then sharing them for our scrolling pleasure.”

X is for #Xstitch

“’Sew’ cool! No longer your elderly relative’s favourite pastime, cross-stitch is firmly on the rise, with the #Xstitch hashtag growing by 42% in the past three months. These modern takes on the traditional cushion covers and wall hangings of old are detailed, fun and bright, featuring custom portraits, daily affirmations, and tongue-in-cheek pop culture commentary.” 

Y is for @Youth4ClimateJustice

These activists are versions of the fantastic change-maker Greta Thunberg who seek to make a difference in the world. “These active young environmentalists are the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, and they’re building a generation-wide movement fighting for #climatejustice – one that has seen enormous growth on Instagram over the past 6 months.”

Z is for Zodiac Memes

When your Uber driver is a Virgo:

Uber driver: *says nothing whole car trip*

Instagram meme