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A body language expert says what we’re all thinking: MAFS’ Tori and Jack didn’t have sex

So many signs!

A body language expert has addressed Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley’s claims about having sex and said that the signs indicate that the MAFS couple is telling a big old fib.

At Wednesday night’s Dinner Party, Tori and Jack smugly told the group that they’d finally consummated their marriage, but… something seemed very odd about their confession. Turns out, pretty much all the other MAFS participants agreed, and they certainly voiced their opinions about it at the event.

“Have you made up the sleeping thing to take the heat off?” Tim Smith questioned, while Lauren Dunn straight up stated: “I don’t believe it”.

Combined Communications Specialist and Body Language Expert Scott Taylor, pointed out several interactions between Jack and Tori that he believes may suggest that the couple didn’t actually do the deed.

“When everyone asked if they had sex, their non-verbals and even tone of words make me believe it didn’t happen,” Scott said. “I would say they were intimate in some fashion, but there was no touch, no caring glances, or anything you would expect to see.”

Jack’s controlling body language

For weeks, Jack and Tori have faced scrutiny from both experts and fellow participants regarding their lack of sexual intimacy. So, it’s possible that they could have fibbed about their sex life in order to shift the pressure off themselves.

Scott pointed out that Jack’s body language was typical of controlling behaviour, which could equate to asking Tori to play along with the act.

“At dinner when they were speaking – Jack made a controlling gesture on her knees before saying he would ‘have a room for her,’ he said.

Jack has his arm on Tori’s knee. Nine.

“He wasn’t touching her like that until she was going to answer so it was another form of controlling behaviour. This has happened numerous times at dinners and on the expert’s lounge.”

Furthermore, over the weeks, Tori has become more and more distanced from her fellow castmates because of Jack’s behaviour, which Scott said is another sign of control.

“Tori saying she would isolate from everyone could be perceived as being a manipulated act of Jack’s controlling behaviour as isolating is a well-used tool, sadly.” 

Tori and Jack’s lack of post-coital connection

Sex between a couple with strong feelings usually creates intimacy and builds an emotional connection, resulting in obvious physical touch. However, it was blatantly clear that this wasn’t the case with Jack and Tori.

“In the car, they were still showing a lack of affection and closeness. Looking apart, no hand holding which they would earlier do to some extent,” Scott said.

Jack and Tori in the car on the way to the MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

Other indications that Tori and Jack weren’t telling the truth

Plus, the first mention of Tori and Jack’s tryst was when a producer pointed out that she and Jack finished their homestay “with a bang”.

“Tori didn’t confirm it – she just said I love what you did there,” Scott said.

On top of that, Scott said Tori’s reaction when speaking about their supposed boink indicated that she may be lying.

“When she then was describing things she had a completely altered eye reference point and changed speaking cadence. This could be driven by deceptive behaviour,” he pointed out.

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