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Recommended Summer Reads for 2017

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Summer is upon us and this means relaxing by the pool with an ice cold drink and a good book while getting your tan on. Or you can stay indoors with your cat and lounge in bed. It’s your choice.

As we roll into the summer of 2017, it is looking promising, so here are some of the ones you should pick up on your next book haul. There’s a book for everybody!

Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Isn’t the cover just beautiful? Source.

As the author of Divergent, Roth takes us on epic sci-fi adventure through the stars. In a world where its citizens develop currentgifts which will help shape their world, the protagonists Akos and Cyra find their currentgifts to be vices upon themselves. Thrown into orbit together, the two must find a way to navigate a world of tyrants, different intergalactic nations and right the wrongs of the stars.

Out January 17th.

The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

The words of a space princess. Source.

This ‘sort of memoir’ recollects and reveals Fisher‘s Star Wars memories from intimate to outrageous. Having recently unearthed her handwritten journals which contained her musings while filming Episode IV, she found love poems, naivety and a vulnerability she’d never noticed. Now complied into a book, this collection of excerpts from her journals unfold what actually happened behind the scenes of one of the most famous film series of all time. Filled with her sense of humour, the pros and con of celebrity life and Hollywood royalty, this is a diary you want to read.

Out now!

History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera


Start summer off with this contemporary romance which follows the story of Griffin who finds out his first love and ex-boyfriend, Theo, has died in a drowning accident. Despite not being together and seeing Jackson, he’d always known Theo would come back, that they’d be back and the future Griffin had envisioned is now dissolving into nothing. On a downward spiral, his secrets and history are rising to the surface and the only one who seems to be able to help is Jackson. Filled with heartache, loss and recovery, Silvera’s writing will surely leave you breathless.

Out January 17th!

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


Inspired by The Black Lives Matter movement, the books follows 16-year-old Starr who is torn between the two worlds she lives in: the poor neighbourhood where she’s from and the upper class high school she attends in the suburbs. As if the struggle switching between the two wasn’t hard enough, it is completely destroyed when Starr is the only witness to her best friend’s death – a fatal shooting by a police officer. Her friend was unarmed. Now Starr’s voice has power, has meaning, and it can either get her killed or bring justice to her community.

Out Feburary 28th!