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The Power of Moving Pictures: 3 Vids From this Week that You Have to Check Out

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Videos are increasingly becoming the most effective and efficient way to communicate important messages to an extended group of people. Especially with the help of social media, videos are being shared at incredible speeds and with an almost infinite viewership on a daily basis. So, here are some videos of the last week that have got an important message you should be hearing, seeing and sharing with your friends.

1. Movember ad

An incredibly powerful ad has just been released by the Movember Foundation about the importance of men talking about mental health before it’s too late. In 2014 in Australia alone, of 2,864 suicides, 2,160 were men. The rate of male suicide is more than double that of females. The ad uses examples of people who believed their lives were finished, but through being able to talk to someone about their feelings, were able to continue living. The ad follows on from an important social media campaign about men’s suicide which carried the hashtag #itsoktotalk and encouraged men to have a chat about their feelings and insecurities.

2. Loki short film

This next video is an extremely confronting yet poetic short film about domestic violence and was released this week with music and lyrics by Scottish rapper Loki. The video, titled Gaslight, is incredibly unique as it is from the perspective of the perpetrator, not the victim. It follows the thoughts and actions of a man who becomes incredibly jealous and insecure about his girlfriend having other male friends.

3. Lamb ad

A brand spanking new ad was released this week for Australian lamb. And it’s got a lot of people confused. The slogan for the campaign is ‘Lamb- the meat that doesn’t discriminate,’ and the ad is filled with a lot of people you wouldn’t regularly see on Aussie TV, i.e a lot of non-white, non-male people. This ad by Meat and Livestock Australia is attempting to unite the entirety of multicultural Australia (except vegos and vegans, lol) through the sharing of lamb over a BBQ. And boy, does it pull at your heart strings. What a bloody ripper.