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Four Must Visit Sydney Hotspots

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Sydney is like a diamond, with many colourful facets, but sometimes it can be difficult to pick out the lovely shiny parts. Locals, tourists and admirers alike all have an endless array of activities to choose from when visiting Sydney and with this short list, you too will soon know the best places to visit on your Sydney bucket list.

  1. Sydney Sky Tower and Walk

How else are you able to truly take in the city of Sydney and get your bearings, right? The Sydney Sky Tower is the first must see attraction on your visit to Sydney. Standing a total of 309m above the business districts and offering a 360 degree view of the city, this is the perfect opportunity to grab some photos to post to your Instagram to make all your friends and family jealous!

2. Bondi Beach

The beach of all beaches, Bondi attracts tourists from all around the world and is a definite must see when visiting Sydney. Bondi Beach offers plenty of activities from tanning, swimming, visiting local cafes and kiosks, to even completing the Bondi to Coogee walk if you feel the need to get your blood pumping. You may even be lucky enough to meet some of the local celebrities, the lifeguards, but let’s hope you don’t end up on Bondi Rescue.

3. Crinitis Restaurant on Darling Harbour

Delicious Italian food and a beautiful harbour, what more can you ask for? Crinitis on Sydney’s Darling Harbour, offers an excellent dining experience and a chance to truly sit back and enjoy the happenings of the harbour. Enjoy a wide range of fresh and delicious cuisines whilst watching the harbour ferris wheel go round, as jet boats duck in and out of the harbour, giving the excited couples strolling around with gelatos in hand, plenty to talk about.

4. The Rocks

The only way to ensure you really appreciate Australia is exploring this urban precinct of The Rocks, the birthplace of contemporary Australian society. Stroll down cobbled roads and breathe in the enriched history of the area where Australia’s first colonies came and settled. Revamped with luxurious restaurants, yet still retaining the original charm of the historic buildings, the Rocks offers the perfect setting to soak up the magnificent views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, whilst enjoying a crisp Australian white wine.

So make sure you plan a trip to Sydney soon! A city of history, culture and beauty!