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2016 Games That Need More DLC In 2017

No matter your genre of choice, there were a heck of a lot of great games that came out in 2016.

In fact, between games like DOOM, Overwatch and Final Fantasy XV, 2017 looks like a relatively empty year in comparison. Of course, there’s no better way to knock back this year’s deficit of gaming releases than by injecting the best games of last year with some DLC.

Here’s what we hope to revisit in 2017 through new downloadable content:

Total Warhammer

If there were ever a gaming crossover match made in heaven, Warhammer and Total War are probably it. Creative Assembly hit things out of the park with last year’s Total Warhammer*, combining one of the biggest and best grand strategy franchises in video gaming with one of the biggest universes in tabletop gaming. Anyone who’s a fan of either camp can only hope more content is coming to Total Warhammer in 2017.


Though Creative Assembly did recently reveal that the bulk of their development efforts have shifted towards a sequel to Total Warhammer (which will integrate with the original game and add new factions retroactively), there are still plenty of smaller additions that could be made to the game’s existing lineup. With decades of Warhammer Fantasy lore to pull from, there are plenty of armies, heroes and mini-campaigns that could be added. Bring it on.

*The game is actually called Total War: Warhammer but stuff that tautological nonsense.

Dishonored 2

It’s rare to find a gaming sequel that builds on its predecessor quite as well as Dishonored 2 does. It fleshes out the series fiction, mechanics and game play in all the right ways – the only real problem is that there isn’t more to do. That said, the first game received a trio of stellar DLC expansions so we can likely expect the same sort of love for the sequel.


Right now, popular speculation says that any DLC will reunite an older Daud with a reformed Billie Lurk. What’s more, if we use The Brigmore Witches and Knife of Dunwall as examples, it’s likely the DLC will pave the way for our next adventure in Arkane’s fascinating whale-punk world.


Both among critics and the wider gaming player-base, Blizzard’s Overwatch proved itself a clear winner in the multiplayer arena last year. There are a lot of reasons for this. However, there’s only one thing the game needs to sustain itself.


Although Overwatch‘s roster of playable characters  has been praised for its diversity, the game’s current playlist of maps leaves a lot to be desired. There’s some merit in debating whether new heroes or maps matter more to the game. However, the truth is that while adding a new character can add a new style of play to the game’s rotation, a new map adds new nuances to all the already-existing ones.