Desire into Discourse: Medical Role Play

NSFW content ahead.   The nurse will see you now. Fetishisation of medical staff and procedures might seem strange to some people, but for a great many others there is nothing better. This comes from the long-held fantasy of being […]

NSFW content ahead.


The nurse will see you now.

Fetishisation of medical staff and procedures might seem strange to some people, but for a great many others there is nothing better. This comes from the long-held fantasy of being treated and then seduced by a ‘sexy nurse’, to the more perverse desires for an invasive ‘check up’, and even yearning for having ‘medical’ procedures carried out  as a means of gratification. A poll in the UK found that the majority of men have a fantasy for nurses, while the majority of women hold a fantasy for firemen (we’ll save firemen for a different article though).  Medical play can be used as a means of satisfying a fetish, or just for fun and to try something different.



One person on reddit stated the likely reason many hold a fantasy for medical professionals is because we like to be cared for and looked after.  Not only that, but a nurse has a knowledge of anatomy and there’s the idea that she probably knows exactly how to turn you on because of this. Regardless of how uncomfortable or painful medical treatment may be, it’s done so with the goal of helping the patient recover from an ailment. People who enjoy power play also enjoy the aspect that the nurse/doctor is in control and has a certain power over you due to their qualifications and your position of requiring their treatment and expertise.


Role Play


Medical role play is generally found in a dominant/submissive situation where the dominant is the doctor or nurse in the scenario and the submissive is the patient. Sexy nurse outfits, medical scrubs or other costumes may be worn as part of the play, especially if the goal is to fulfill a fantasy surrounding medical staff rather than the actual procedures. However, costumes are not necessary to enjoy this kind of play. A session of medical role play could include intimate ‘medical examination’ usually of breasts, genitals and anus and result in a hot and steamy climax. Medical role play can be experienced in various ways between a dominant and submissive such as a doctor/nurse treating a patient; a doctor coming on to their nurse colleague in the break room; or even a patient advancing on young nurse who is treating them.


One example of erotic medical role play is the genital exam, which can be transferred to any of these scenarios: a doctor teaching a nurse how to give a genital exam (by doing it on her); or a doctor/nurse performing a genital exam on a patient and then proceeding to take advantage of them or perform other procedures on them/their genitals; or as a doctor/nurse is performing a genital exam on a patient, the patient may then become aroused and take advantage of the practitioner. It’s quite versatile. For some, the role play mixed into their more typical sex life is enough, however others prefer a much more invasive medical experience.



Medical role play procedures can vary from sensual and intimate (breast and genital touch examinations and ‘probing’ of orifices) to more sterile and cold (such as use of speculums to open up and inspect cavities), and even painful surgical style procedures (such as urethral sounding, catheterisation, play piercing, surgical stapling and saline infusions). A big reason many submissives love medical role play is trust: they associate going to the doctor’s as a place where they would submit to almost anything a doctor prescribes for them to undergo as they know it’s for their benefit. A structured medical role play with professionally styled procedures can help a submissive who is interested in BDSM play to feel at ease. It’s also more likely to help them let go of anything that is holding them back from experiencing their kinks, due to preconceived notions of a doctor/nurse being trustworthy and nurturing them ‘back to good health’.


My foray into medical role play started with my long-held fascination with watching the needles go into my body for immunisations or blood tests.  It would annoy me when they would tell me to “look away” as they inserted the needle, but I always kept looking intently. I had heard about play piercing and instantly knew before trying it that I would love it. Needle play is one of the first things I allowed others to perform on me as part of BDSM where I wasn’t in the dominant role. The gloves, the smell of alcohol swabs, the sterile needles; it all made me feel at ease and as if I were safely in the pathologist’s office… only the pathologist was a latex clad babe! I have since then delved into other procedures and performing them on others as part of my job and for fun in my personal life.


I love needle play and how it can be gentle and artistic, or painful and torturous depending on how and where you do it. I love sounding, which is the process of inserting long rods of varying diameters into and out of a person’s urethra. This is most commonly performed on people with penises, but can be performed with vulvas, taking into account that the length of their urethra is much shorter so more care is needed to be given. I also love catheterisation, which is the process of inserting a medical grade latex hollow tube down through someone’s urethra and into their bladder, preventing the patient from having voluntary control over their ability to urinate. Urine goes from the bladder, through the tube and into a bag.


I’ve performed a number of erotic bodily exams as well as speculum aided inspections of orifices. Nothing excites me quite like medical role play. I love the sterility of it, the cold instruments, the gloves, the smell of alcohol cleaning swabs. I love the trust my ‘patients’ hold in me and the control I have over them. When I switch in my personal play, I love the feeling of giving up control in a similar scenario to places I’ve given up control for good reasons all my life.


Mistress Jill, who is one of my favourite medical kink practitioners to follow online describes herself as a “highly experienced Belgian close-to-reality role player.” She told me the following about how she got into medical play:

“As child, surrounded by doctors in my family, I spent numberless hours in their cabinets and their libraries. Fascinated by all those strange instruments and machines, weird images of diseases not able to understand the language of the text. I considered several occupations, such as surgeon or pathologist and even an archaeologist… My professional life has worked out a bit differently but I always kept a keen interest in medical role-play. Through a friend I have access to a very exclusive and private medical facility which allows me to expand and refine my skills, with and on those patients, who are in need of special, intensive, long-term care.”


Miss Kim Rub from London who acquired some medical equipment for an installation in her dungeon which sparked a desire in her to learn more. She has learned a lot from Mistress Vanessa who is a nurse. Miss Kim says “Health & Safety is very high on my agenda. I think anyone that embarks on this type of play should do a First Aid course.”




Advice On How To Play Safe

If you’re interested in the procedural aspect of medical role play, then it’s vital you practice cleanly and safely. Medical play professionals will highly recommend all who engage in medical play should do a first aid course. Also, many medical play enthusiasts have taken a great deal of lessons from other qualified medical play practitioners, as well as from qualified doctors and nurses. I myself have taken lessons from other Pro-Dommes I work with, as well as other experienced BDSM-players at events.

I have also lined up lessons with nurses I know so I can learn and practice other more complex procedures. Unless you are able to find a structured course or workshop in medical play procedures, it’s all about networking to learn from others or better yet, paying for private one-on-one lessons with a local Pro-Domme that specialises in medical play, or a qualified nurse you know. Never attempt any medical play procedures without first having it demonstrated to you properly and practicing a number of times with guidance from someone experienced until they are satisfied you are proficient enough to practice alone.

Medical play can be a thoroughly rewarding practice to engage in, however there is much potential for things to go wrong, as with any kind of kink play if it has done incorrectly (such as infections from not keeping your equipment and your ‘patient’ clean enough, causing damage by piercing incorrectly, ripping vaginal or anal openings with speculum inspections done wrong). Remember that you can never be too clean! It’s always better to be anal about ensuring things are 100% clean, rather than thinking something is ‘clean enough’ and leading to an infection. Ensure all items are sterilised adequately – autoclaved if possible. Also, always remember to respect your play partner’s or client’s limits. Listen and read their body language and remember your Hippocratic oath!

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