Valeria and Jaden on Survivor

Photoshoots and gym days! Here’s where to find the cast of Australian Survivor 2024 on Instagram

Can they handle the Survivor beach?

It’s always interesting to get a glimpse into the real lives of contestants when they’re not on TV.

This is especially true for Survivor castaways, who are left on a beach to compete, strategise and vote each other off.

So, their social media gives fans a look at what they like to do when they’re not stranded on a deserted island.

According to their IG, the Survivor Australia 2024 cast is a mixed bunch, with a mix of doting parents, nature lovers and, of course, aspiring influencers.

Peep the Survivor Australia 2024 casts’ Instagram below.

Alex Coe


Charles Peter

Handle: @charlespeterr

Eden Porter

Handle: @edenporter1

Dr Jess Danaher

Handle: @drjessdanaher

Kirby Bentley

Handle: @kirbybentley

Kitty Blomfield

Handle: @kittyblomfield

Nathan Freeman

Handle: @nathanfreeman10

Peta Bennett

Handle: @pistolsandsunshine

Frankie Guascoine

Handle: @Frankiegee

Kelli Harris

Handle: @pocketrocketkel

Feras Basal

Handle: @Ferasbasal

Rianna Bowley

Handle: @riannabowley

Sarah Moore

Handle: @sarah_moore_

Jaden Laing

Handle: @Jadentysonlaing

Scott Butler

Handle: @scott.paper.scissors

Tobes Alexander Grant

Handle: @its_tobes

Caroline Courtis

Handle: @mumalicious

Valeria Sizova

Handle: @valerie.sizova

Aileen Chong

Handle: @ailleenlaysonchong


Handle: @violaa.j

Garrick Wildman

Handle: @garrickwildman

Mark Warnock

Handle: @marktwarnock

Raymond Chaney

Handle: @rebelraymond


Handle: @winnalit

Stream Survivor Australia 2024 Sundays – Tuesdays at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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