How to Online Shop like a Bo$$

Similarly to LunchMoney Lewiswe’ve all got bills ‘we gotta pay’ and many of us “work work work every day.” However, I’m surely not the only shoppoholic who would rather spend my hard earned dosh on a fresh new pair of Windsor Smith‘s, a pretty new blouse, or yet another Mimco pouch that I definitely don’t need… (according to my boyfriend.) But sometimes our spending can get a little out of hand, and we aren’t making the wisest decisions online. Perhaps buying wrong sizes, spending WAY too much on shipping (let’s be real, it costs an arm and a leg to get ANYTHING sent from America) or buying items that may be fakes, or faulty. As an online shopping veteran, I’m here to sweep you up little dove, and show you the way of the smart online shopper.

  1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is…

I feel like the naughty little brat at school who goes around telling every other kid that Santa isn’t real, and there is no magical bunny who hops into your house at night and leaves chocolate easter eggs. Unfortunately, as we grow up we realise all the magical wonders of living are now accompanied by bills, catches, and cons. Nothing is truly free, and similarly if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Just like my Grandma, who believes the spam emails that tell you you’ve received $1000,0000,000 because your dead relative in Africa has left it to you are legit, most of us have fallen for an amazing deal online, that turned out to be not so amazing in real life. Any store that offers an item you know to be expensive, for an unbelievably cheap price is suspicious. The item is at risk of being fake, faulty or not even coming at all. Fortunately there are measures in place such as placing a PayPal dispute that allow you to report the fraud and often get an exchange or your money back. It’s better we’re aware and don’t let it get that far in the first place though.


2. Buy one size bigger, just incase

I’m the first person to admit my ego gets in the way of logical thinking when it comes to sizing of clothes. I feel extra offended when a size 8 top won’t do up around my body, and I refuse to admit in this particular item of clothing I’m a size 10 – “I KNOW I’m a size 8!!!” Not only is this common but it’s actually quite normal. Many people are unwilling to grab a bigger size, even though they are aware that there are small makes, big makes and different sizing brand to brand. Unfortunately, when you’re online shopping you don’t have the option to have the mini-meltdown in the change room, you have to assume the sizes are true to their word and order what you usually wear. Frequently,

we order a size 8 online, yet a size 6 equivalent comes, we can’t fit into it and it’s a disaster! The solution? Order one size bigger. Worst comes to worst, the item is too big, so you get it altered.


3. Leave items in your cart

Occasionally, I add all the items I want into my cart, just so at the end I can see how expensive and unrealistic it is, and how broke I am (again, depressing. What am I doing?!) Little did you know, this can also be a strategy to become a bo$$ online shopper.

When you choose to leave the products in your cart and click the red X of sadness on your browser not only have you avoided making an impulse purchase that your back account could not handle, but many retailers hate unclosed deals and will try to retain you. Sometimes stores will send coupons, or offer a better price the next day when the item is chilling in your cart. NOTE: The trick only works when you have an account on the website and are logged in when you add it to your cart. Otherwise how would they contact you? Duh.


4. Shop around, don’t take the first offer you see

Often online stores also act as retailers for other brands. For example, Showpo sell Lumee phone cases, Princess Polly sell Quay eyewear, and so on and so forth. Just because you saw a certain pair of shoes on one site for $50 doesn’t mean they won’t be cheaper on another. There is NOTHING worse than purchasing something, then coming across it somewhere else on sale! Be smart and do your research. Shop around, and if there’s no success, leaving it in your cart for a few days clearly won’t do any harm.

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5. Subscribe to the online site

I’ll be the first to admit that spam emails are the equivalent of wet hair right before you’re about to go to bed. They’re annoying, and they can be avoided and deleted, but you’re really not bothered to do anything about them. Instead of being an email slut, be incredibly picky who you decide to subscribe to. You may feel like you’re getting all the best deals and information, but with too many emails to sort through, you may find yourself not doing it at all. Discount codes, flash sales and free shipping are often advertised first to those subscribed to the email list so make sure you only subscribe to those you want the most.